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Prof Stephen Senn joined LIH in 2011 and was previously a Professor in Statistics at the University of Glasgow (2003) and University College London (1995-2003). In addition to working as an academic he has also worked for the pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland and the National Health Service in England. He is the author of three books, Cross-over Trials in Clinical Research (1993 & 2002), Statistical Issues in Drug Development (1997, 2007) and Dicing with Death (2003).  His expertise is in statistical methods for drug development and statistical inference. He consults extensively for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Stephen Senn


1A-B, rue Thomas Edison
L-1445 Strassen
Tel. : +352 26 970 894

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Does evidence support the high expectations placed in precision medicine? A bibliographic review [version 1; referees: awaiting peer review].

  • Competence Center for Methodology and Statistics
January 09, 2018
2018 Jan. F1000Res.7(30).
  • Cortés J
  • González J
  • Medina M
  • Vogler M
  • Vilaró M
  • Elmore M
  • Senn S
  • Campbell M
  • Cobo E.

Guidelines for the content of statistical analysis plans in clinical trials.

  • Competence Center for Methodology and Statistics
December 19, 2017
2017 Dec. JAMA.318(23):2337-2343.
  • Gamble C
  • Krishan A
  • Stocken D
  • Lewis S
  • Juszczak E
  • Dore C
  • Williamson PR
  • Altman DG
  • Montgomery A
  • Lim P
  • Berlin J
  • Senn S
  • Day S
  • Barbachano Y
  • Loder E.
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