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Both independently and in partnership, LIH boasts a robust clinical research programme that puts the patient at the forefront of its translational research. 

Clinical research is an integral part of the ethos at the LIH. Its transversal and translational studies always aim to culminate in clinical research projects, in order to bring tangible benefits to patients’ health sooner. LIH’s expertise in several domains as well as its network of partners contribute to bring it to the forefront of clinical research in Luxembourg, with numerous ensuing collaborations in ongoing and upcoming clinical trials, both within Luxembourg and abroad. 

With the help of its Clinical and Epidemiological Investigation Center (CIEC), LIH acts as a national centre coordinating clinical research activities involving clinicians in various medical fields. It is established as a contact partner for pharmaceutical industries interested in conducting clinical trials in Luxembourg. With CIEC, LIH ensures that patient rights and data privacy are respected, while offering the opportunity to access new, innovative therapeutic approaches to patients that would otherwise be inaccessible.  

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