Department of Medical Informatics

Our mission is to provide comprehensive Information Technology (IT) support, ensuring a secure environment for health data and facilitating cutting-edge research. We are committed to efficiently managing systems, providing high computing resources, and fostering excellence in data-driven research and analysis. Through our expertise in biomedical informatics and statistics, we aim to advance the digitization of healthcare and contribute to the improvement of Luxembourg’s healthcare sector.

At the Department of Medical Informatics, our mission is to empower the institute’s endeavors through comprehensive IT support, ensuring a robust infrastructure and secure environment for sensitive health data. In line with the LIH’s long-term strategic goals, we are committed to efficiently managing systems and providing access to high computing resources for cutting-edge statistical and AI model development. Our group empowers the institute to achieve research excellence by providing expertise, secure data hosting systems, and advanced analytics tools. We facilitate multi-omics data analysis, statistics, machine learning, and scientific methodology, all while promoting FAIR data principles. Additionally, we are dedicated to advancing healthcare digitalization by exploring and designing innovative methods and applications. Leveraging our expertise in biomedical informatics and statistics, we aim to contribute to improving the Luxembourg healthcare sector.


  • IT Support
    • Provide the institute with the fundamental IT infrastructure and systems required to carry out its mission
    • Manage IT infrastructure efficiently
    • Provide a high security environment for sensitive health data
    • Enable access to high computing resources for high quality statistical and AI model development and computations
  • Research Support
    • Provide the necessary support in terms of systems and expertise for the research activities of the institute, including study methodology, statistical and machine learning analyses
    • Ensure high-quality, excellence in research
    • Enable data-driven research, high quality data collection, data modelling, secure and confidential data hosting, facilitating data reuse and access
    • Support statistical analysis and machine learning
  • Healthcare Digitization and Methodological Research
    • Explore and design innovative applications of IT technologies and digitization tools for the healthcare sector
    • Support the improvement of Luxembourg’s healthcare sector with our expertise in biomedical informatics and statistics



Chief Medical Information Officer

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Head of IT Infrastructure and Operations


Head of Bioinformatics and AI


Head of Data Integration Centre


Head of Strategy & Management


Head of Competence Centre for Methodology and Statistics

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