Disease Modelling & Screening Platform  (dmsp)  

The disease modelling and screening platform (DMSP) is a core facility that provides infrastructure and services related to early drug discovery. 


DMSP is the result of the collaboration between the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine at the University of Luxembourg (LCSB/UL) and LIH. The platform combines the cellular disease modelling expertise of both institutions with early drug discovery technology. 

The ultimate objective of the DMSP is to provide a diversity of core facilities infrastructure, disease models and expertise, to facilitate the translation of basic scientific discoveries into tangible hit (drug) candidates. Our state-of-the-art platform acts as interface between fundamental biomedical research and high standard drug discovery: 

  • to help researchers to develop screenings based on their biological findings 
  • to perform High Throughput Screenings (HTS) for them with our compounds or their own library 
  • to develop new cellular disease models for phenotypic screening (HCS) 
  • to offer phenotypic screenings in established patient-derived cellular models 

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