precision health

At the intersection of different disciplines, the LIH aims to use precision health to translate data into meaningful health benefits tailored to the individual.  

Whether it is disease prevention, treatment or public health, the future of healthcare lies in the interaction between a complex network of actors coming from different disciplines and healthcare professionals.  

Whether it is in Public Health, Epidemiology, or Clinical Research, the ultimate objective is to deliver the right intervention to the right person, at the right time. To achieve this, we can now rely, in our digital and data-driven world, on an increasing volume of data generated by populations and patients. This massively impacts the way we conduct research, with many opportunities but also many challenges ahead of us. In this context, Precision health takes a big-data approach to disease prevention and treatment. 

LIH will take advantage of the interdisciplinary nature of its Departments to promote transversal activities and find the best solutions to prevent or delay the occurrence of diseases, best improve day-to-day lives of patients living with a disease and do so according to their profile. Their ideal infrastructure will provide a platform from which select data will be extracted from massive databases of anonymised patient digital data to become tailored solutions that go one step beyond traditional medicine. With expertise in several disease and health-related areas, an intricate network of national and international clinical and industrial partners, LIH will use precision health to step into the future of healthcare. 

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