transversal translational medicine (TTM)

TTM aims to enhance the ability of biomedical stakeholder institutions to work translationally, fostering national and international bed-to-bench-to-bed collaborations and thereby acting as a bridge between fundamental research and clinical practice.

The Department of Transversal Translational Medicine (TTM) of the Luxembourg Institute of Health aims to foster biomedical and healthcare technology programmes by facilitating the ability of public and private stakeholders to work translationally, fostering national and international bed-to-bench-to-bed collaborations and thereby acting as a bridge from fundamental over clinical research into the real-world healthcare experience in integrated care networks.

TTM aims to foster bed-to-bench-to-bed collaborations within LIH, inter-institutionally across different stakeholders from research institutions and hospitals in Luxembourg and on the international level by collaborating within large consortia. In view of implementing translational programmes across research topics, TTM is supported by specific platforms and infrastructures from the Translational Medicine Operations Hub (TMOH), bridging between fundamental and clinical research and with Digital Medicine up into real-world healthcare. With the longstanding experience of the Luxembourgish National Centre for Excellence in Research on Parkinson’s disease (NCER-PD) programme serving as a blueprint for translational bed-to-bench-to-bed cycles, TTM is perfectly positioned to enhance and develop translational initiatives in biomedical research and beyond.

Strategic goals 

  • TTM facilitates inter-institutional collaborations between biomedical research institutions and hospitals in Luxembourg and internationally across different priority areas, such as oncology and immune diseases, using the Parkinson’s disease as a model

  • TTM accelerates the translation of fundamental and clinical biomedical research into improved diagnostics, therapies and devices for patients

  • TTM advances state-of-the-art research into evidence-based patient care by coordinating integrated care networks 

  • TTM supports a translational mindset across researchers, students and healthcare professionals from different research institutions and hospitals in Luxembourg and beyond, enhancing the ability to work together 

Director of TTM

Prof Rejko Krüger is Director of TTM at LIH and concurrently also Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Luxembourg. He is also actively seeing patients with movement disorders and neurodegenerative diseases as a Senior Neurologist at the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL). The implementation of his clinical and experimental research on Parkinson’s disease was supported by an Excellence Grant (PEARL) from the Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR). His clinical and research experience extends over 20 years with a special focus in the genetics of neurodegenerative diseases, which has resulted in more than 150 scientific publications thus far (>30.000 citations, h-index 58). He coordinates the National Center for Excellence in Research on Parkinson’s disease (NCER-PD), funded by the FNR and the CON-VINCE (FNR and Losch Foundation), and ORCHESTRA programmes supported by a Horizon2020 EU grant.


Projects & clinical trials

TTM national partners

TTM programmes span key players of the clinical research ecosystem in Luxembourg: the Luxembourg Centre for systems Biomedicine of the University of Luxembourg (LCSB), the National Health Laboratory (LNS), the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL), and the Hôpitaux Robert Shuman. It is building capacity to link fundamental research to clinical practice and to translate clinical research into tangible health benefits for citizens, providing an interface for fundamental, epidemiological and clinical research. TTM is therefore perfectly positioned to enhance and develop translational initiatives in clinical research and beyond.


TTM is taking a leading role in the coordination of i2TRON, a doctoral training unit (DTU) with a strong focus on developing the new generation of translational scientists, who can turn observations in the laboratory, clinical setting or community into interventions that improve the health of individuals via innovative diagnostics or treatments. 

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EATRIS is a European Research Infrastructure owned by its member states, of which Luxembourg is one

Its focus is on translational medicine (bench to bed and back) and it has a patient-centric approach. The EATRIS National Coordinator is hosted within TTM, as EATRIS goals align with the TTM strategy goals (Nr 2). 

EATRIS provides process-oriented benefits to all its members, for further information please :

TTM team 

TTM brings together a wealth of expertise, from an experienced team of basic researchers working in experimental patient-based models, to healthcare professionals who seek to treat unmet needs through research: physician scientists, nurses, neuropsychologists and many national and international collaborators. 

Featured team members

  • Ioanna
    PhD Student
  • Ibrahim
    Visiting Researcher
  • Sibylle
    Portfolio Coordinator
  • Bianca
    Research and Administrative Officer
  • Joëlle
    Research and Strategy Specialist
  • Anne-Marie
    PhD Student
  • Sonja
    Research Neuropsychologist
  • Rejko
    Director of Transversal Translational Medicine

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