LIH aims to bridge between different research areas and the unmet needs of patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and the healthcare systems by building on its multidisciplinary research teams and cutting-edge technology and facilitating collaborations in the area of translational medical research projects. 

Translational medical research brings together research in biomedicine, public health and digital medicine that will primarily benefit patients and involve researchers and healthcare providers in order to contribute to the consolidation of a value-based, innovative, sustainable and efficient healthcare system.
Overall aims of translational medicine at LIH are:

  • Precision Medicine
  • Precision Prevention
  • Digital Medicine

Transversal Translational Medicine (TTM)

TTM aims to enhance the ability of biomedical stakeholder institutions to work translationally, fostering national and international bed-to-bench-to-bed collaborations and thereby acting as a bridge between fundamental research and clinical practice.

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Translational Medicine Operations Hub (TMOH)

The Translational Medicine Operations Hub (TMOH) ensures a full support to clinical research from the planning of the clinical research studies to their execution and closure via the collection, processing, storage and analysis of high-quality biological samples and structured clinical data.

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