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Clinical and epidemiological investigation centre

The CIEC supports research and health care institutions, international academia and pharmaceutical industry players, providing them with high quality clinical research and services. 


The Clinical and Epidemiological Investigation Center (CIEC) is establishing a growing reputation in clinical research. Acting as a national centre coordinating clinical research activities involving clinicians in various medical fields, CIEC is a contact partner for pharmaceutical industries interested in conducting clinical trials in Luxembourg. CIEC stands for excellence in operational support in clinical research whilst striving to ensure respect of patient rights, data privacy and offering the opportunity to access new, innovative therapeutic approaches otherwise inaccessible. 

CIEC supports research and health care institutions, international academia and pharmaceutical industry players, providing them with high quality clinical research and services. CIEC coordinated more than 7000 participants included in 140 research projects, academic or pharma-led clinical trials in the last 10 years and further aims at better addressing patients’ needs and quality of life by increasing relevant and innovative clinical research in Luxembourg, including the development of clinical and translational research.


  • Operational & educational support in the set-up of clinical research projects to hospitals, health care professionals and researchers, including regulatory and ethical guidance 
  • Access to new and innovative therapeutic approaches/strategies for patients through participation in clinical studies 
  • Access to clinical research networks (ECRIN, EFGCP, EUPATI…) 


  • Patients’ rights & safety  
  • Data privacy 
  • Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP):
    •       In 10 years: from 0 to 36 procedures, templates & Standard Operating Procedures 
    •       Good Clinical Practice (GCP) audit conducted in March 2018 
    •       Individual GCP certifications of CIEC staff (yearly update) 
  • ISO 9001 Certification 


  • Communication and valorisation of Clinical Research                                     
  • Clinical Research according to Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP)   
  • Research integrity & ethics 


  • Communication and valorisation of Clinical Research                                     
  • Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP) 
  • Networks: ECRIN, EFGCP, etc. 


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Featured team members

  • Myriam
    Clinical Research Manager
  • Nassera
    Clinical Research Associate
  • Carolina
    Clinical Research Nurse
  • Gessica
    Clinical Research Nurse
  • Rita
    Da Rocha Oliveira
    Clinical Research Associate
  • Oulimata
    Clinical Research Associate
  • Jean-Yves
    Research Nurse Coordinator
  • Manon
    Head of Unit CIEC & CPMO

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