competence centre for methodology and statistics

The Competence Centre for Methodology and Statistics (CCMS) supports LIH research units and international pharmaceutical industry players by providing them with high quality methodological and statistical services.  


The objective of The CCMS is to contribute high-standard data-processing support and statistics. It also maintains high ethical standards in relation to research, the preparation of databases, the reporting and analysis of statistics. 

Within the LIH, the CCMS brings methodological help in statistical planning, analysis and data handling for various laboratories and research groups. It gives courses in clinical data management and statistics, and assists in writing papers. Furthermore, it supports the translational research axis with its expertise in innovative study designs.

Moreover, it provides consulting services for researchers and clinicians in Luxembourg, attends Data Safety Monitoring Board worldwide for randomized clinical trials, engages in collaborative research with various external partners and universities, and gives external courses in statistics not only in the greater Luxembourg region.

Since 2010, the CCMS has participated in the data management and statistical analysis of large clinical studies for the treatment of poverty-related infectious diseases on behalf of the World Health Organization (WHO) Special Programme TDR (Research and Training in Tropical Diseases). Especially, it collaborates on the development of Moxidectin since 2011, a treatment for Onchocerciasis, initially with TDR and then with European funding through the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trial Partnership (EDCTP). The CCMS is interested in the use of the results by policy makers such to establish new treatment guidelines.

The use and reuse of clinical and epidemiological data through centralized databases and data sharing of pooled studies are another area where CCMS is active. It offers secondary statistical analysis, systematic reviews and meta-analysis, including projects on tropical diseases, pharmacovigilance of tuberculosis or COVID-19, in the framework of European projects.



Services provided

  • Planning of clinical, epidemiological and laboratory studies including sample size or power calculations, design of studies 
  • Support for grant applications and publications 
  • Data handling 
  • Mapping and curation for centralised databases 
  • Statistical analysis adapted to the design of the study (e.g. matched case-control, longitudinal, survival) or clinical trial (e.g. cross over, non-inferiority) 
  • Statistical education and training (internal and external short courses) 
  • Consultancy for commercial organisations 


Projects & clinical trials

Featured team members

  • Valéry
  • Dmitry
    Data Analyst
  • Aljosa
    Data Manager
  • Alexey
    Clinical Data Manager
  • Gwenaëlle
    Le Coroller
  • Priyanka
    Clinical Data Manager
  • Anouk
    Biostatistician – Clinical Trials
  • Franck
    Junior Biostatistician

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