LIH priority disease areas

LIH research expertise spans a wide range of disease areas to provide concrete preventative, diagnostic, and therapeutic solutions that are most applicable in the current world, in a bed-to-bench-to-bed approach.

LIH aims at performing research that transcends the boundaries of classical disease definition. The immune system with its complex regulatory network is considered an important driver in disease aetiology either through over-activation (causing auto-immune diseases) or dysfunction in activation processes (as found in Cancer). Immune-related diseases and Cancer, accordingly, should share common mechanisms of action with each other and their respective comorbidities. Furthermore, immunological research aspects have been a relatively strong common denominator in LIH activities to date. Finally, immune diseases and Cancer are highly personalized and are subject to environmental challenges. Together, these arguments have led to the following themes to be placed in LIH’s future research focus: 


Discover how the LIH is leading the fight against cancer.

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Immunological Disorders

LIH also builds on ongoing work in allergy research to understand the early onset, impact of environmental factors and predisposition to diseases with a strong immunological component and apply these insights to additional chronic immunological illnesses.

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