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Department of Precision Health 

The Department of Precision Health is an interdisciplinary research centre, focusing on epidemiological, clinical  and public health research across a wide range of areas including digital health, lifestyle, human biomonitoring, health economics and sociodemographic inequalities in key diseases such cardio-metabolic conditions, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and COVID-19. By the evidence we generate, we aim at tackling the major causes of morbidity and mortality, improving quality of life and supporting clinical practice and public health bodies to advance the field of precision health.


By embracing novel digital technologies, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence approaches to analyse large datasets of patient-derived biological, clinical, environmental, and lifestyle information, we address major public health issues which are relevant to both Luxembourg and the international community. We carry out studies in epidemiology, clinical research or health economics and work on the impact on health of the exposome, lifestyle, socioeconomic inequalities – with a strong digital health dimension..

The department is also responsible for a range of public health projects such as disease registries or national surveys. 

It relies on expertise from a number of disciplines (epidemiologists, data scientists, clinicians, methodologists, clinical trialists, translational researchers). 

We aim to foster interdisciplinary and translational research collaborations across the different units of the department and strengthen networks with national and international partners and stakeholders. We strive to become a national training centre in epidemiology and public health research for the next generation of scientists and health professionals. Our goal is to promote the integration of digital technologies and use of real-world data into research, clinical practice and for the benefit of patients. 

Director of department

In January 2021, Dr Guy Fagherazzi was appointed Director of the Department of Precision Health at the Luxembourg Institute of Health.


Projects & clinical trials

Scientific publications

LIH researchers strive to generate meaningful and disease-relevant knowledge and results for patients. Their findings are regularly published in prestigious international peer-reviewed journals, thereby extending the reach and visibility of the institute’s impact.

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