Department of Precision Health 

At the DoPH, we implement interdisciplinary approaches at the convergence of precision medicine, prevention and public health. We combine established and new methods with novel digital technologies for epidemiological and public health research. Through translating our results into clinical practice and supporting public health bodies, we aim at tackling the major causes of morbidity and mortality, improving quality of life and delivering scientific evidence for personalized disease prevention and intervention.

Vision & Mission

Our expertise spans a wide range of disciplines including epidemiology, public & digital health, health economics, (neuro)psychology, molecular biology, biochemistry and toxicology. We study the exposome (environmental factors, nutrition, physical activity) and its determinants (e.g sociodemographic inequalities), but also omics (e.g miRNA) and digital biomarkers (ePROs, vocal and movement-based fingerprints, data from medical and connected devices).

We use both hypothesis- and data-driven approaches to analyse large multi-dimensional datasets (observational, epidemiological and clinical cohort studies, real-world data, health registries, electronic health records,…), leveraging both conventional and innovative approaches (e.g. digital devices, web-based sources, Artificial Intelligence (AI)). This broad expertise enables us to obtain a 360°-view of an individual. This notably allows a finer stratification of patients and populations based on various biological, clinical, environmental and lifestyle information.

Precision health is delivering the best intervention to the right person, at the right time.

The goal of our interdisciplinary team is to foster the integration of digital technologies and real-world data into public health, translational research and clinical practice for the benefit of all. To achieve this, we develop collaborative research projects with national and international research institutions, clinicians, companies, patient associations and policymakers. We work on various conditions including cancer, cardiometabolic and neurodegenerative diseases. We also support public health bodies in setting up and maintaining disease registries, conducting national surveys and developing policies.

We ultimately aim to translate our findings to personalize prevention, treatment and care in order to deliver the right intervention for the right individual or population at the right time.

Director of Department


The DoPH focuses its interdisciplinary research around the vision of Precision Health, encompassing aspects of precision public health, innovative exposure measurements (hair analysis, new biomarkers, etc.), precision prevention, lifestyle, health economics and digital health. The ultimate objective of the department is to provide more tailored, personalized prevention and treatment. In the current digital and data-driven world, to achieve this the researchers can rely on an increasing volume of data generated by populations and patients. The DoPH is strongly engaged in patient-centric research using new technologies and big data.

Watch the thematic videos to learn more about DoPH research activities in the domain of precision health. The talks were recorded during a DoPH webinar series dedicated to Precision Public Health in 2021.

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  • Shubhra
    Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Gloria
  • Brice
    Group Leader
  • Hanin
    Research Assistant
  • Charline
    Visiting Researcher
  • Dulce
    PhD Student
  • Franco
    PhD Student
  • Yvan
    Group Leader

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