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The Cardiovascular Research Unit aims to better understand the role of RNAs in heart and brain diseases. Our goal is to develop RNA-based biomarkers and therapeutic approaches to personalise health care. Our current focus is on heart failure, cardiac arrest and Parkinson’s disease. 

MICRA is a very promising biomarker candidate due to its stability in the blood allowing a quantification in blood samples.

Yvan Devaux, PhD, Head of the Cardiovascular Research Unit (CVRU)

WATCH 📺 – RNA biomarkers of cardiovascular disease

Projects & clinical trials

Our ongoing research projects address two major areas: 


Using high-throughput transcriptomics tools, the team seeks to develop RNA-based diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for cardiovascular and brain diseases. Research projects focus on non-coding RNAs: microRNAs, long non-coding RNAs, and circular RNAs. 


By focusing on the mechanisms by which RNAs regulate the development of diseases, the group aims to facilitate drug discovery. 

Strategic goals 

The group coordinates the EU-CardioRNA COST Action CA17129 network ( and the Cardiolinc™ network (, which are consortia of research groups aimed at advancing research on deciphering the role of RNAs in cardiovascular disease. 

The group also coordinates the H2020 COVIRNA project which aims to develop RNA-based prognostic tools for COVID-19 patients ( 

The group is partner of IMI2 CARDIATEAM project ( ) and EU-Cardioprotection COST Action CA16225 (  

Scientific publications

LIH researchers strive to generate meaningful and disease-relevant knowledge and results for patients. Their findings are regularly published in prestigious international peer-reviewed journals, thereby extending the reach and visibility of the institute’s impact.

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