The NutriHealth Group investigates the mechanisms by which nutrition influences health. 


The NutriHealth Group activities include scrutinising nutritional exposure through food patterns and (non-) nutrient characterisation, and modelling the diet-disease relationship, with a particular focus on metabolic and health related conditions. 

More specifically, the group seeks to provide the research, medical and general population communities with easy-to-use (bio-)markers to assess emerging risk factors of morbidities, such as oxidative stress, antioxidant status, inflammation, and body composition disturbances. This is achieved via in vitro/cellular modelling and human observational and intervention studies, exploring a variety of markers ranging from questionnaires/indices and individual compounds to -omics based tools, also studying factors resulting in inter-individual differences to dietary exposure, such as genetic background and microbiome. 

The NutriHealth goal is to expand our expertise to better understand the relationship between (non-) nutrients, dietary patterns and chronic and age-related health issues such as cardiometabolic diseases, cancer, frailty and cognitive aspects, and to contribute to improve the control and prevention of diseases via translational research. 

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Projects & clinical trials

Some of the group’s research projects include: 

Featured team members

  • Torsten
    Group Leader
  • Bernadette
    Laboratory Technician
  • Hanène
  • Farhad
    Postdoctoral Fellow

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