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Highly Cited Researchers – Luxembourg still in the spotlight

LIH scientist Dr Torsten Bohn again among the world’s most highly cited researchers    

23 November 2023 2minutes

On November 15th, Clarivate™ released its annual “Highly Cited Researchers” report, recognising the pioneers in the fields of science and technology who produced multiple highly-cited papers, ranking in the top 1% by citations in the Web of Science™. Four Luxembourg researchers, including Dr Bohn, are featured in the 2023 edition of this prestigious international ranking.

For the fifth consecutive year, Dr Torsten Bohn, Group leader of the Nutrition and Health Research (NutriHealth) team of the LIH Department of Precision Health (DoPH), was featured in the list of the most cited global scientists in the field of Agricultural Sciences of the 2023 edition of Clarivate’s “Highly Cited Researchers” ranking. Over the past decade, Dr Bohn has published 224 papers indexed in the Web of Science™ and was cited over 12,000 times. Dr Bohn’s research focuses on nutrition and its health impact, with special attention to the bioavailability of micronutrients and secondary plant bioactives, as well as studying the relation between dietary patterns, inflammation and oxidative stress and associated diseases.

I am currently developing our public health and nutrition research activities at LIH in line with the institute’s translational and transversal vision”, explains Dr Bohn. “Indeed, nutrient absorption and metabolism are tightly linked to various health aspects, such as cardiometabolic diseases, as well as being a key element underlying the relation between the microbiome, immunity, oxidative stress and inflammation. Not to mention the proven connections with the onset and development of cancer“.

Being distinguished as an internationally influential scientist is not only an immense honour for our team, but also an unparalleled chance to uphold the institute’s visibility and reputation as a global centre of excellence in transversal and translational research. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all my colleagues and team members for their invaluable support and contributions”

he concludes.

Dr Bohn is one of the four Luxembourg scientist to have received this accolade, together with Prof Paul Wilmes (Cross-Field category), Dr Michael Heneka (Cross-Field category) and Dr Alexandre Tkatchenko (Cross-Field category) from the University of Luxembourg.

Clarivate’s “Highly Cited Researchers” report can be accessed here.

Scientific Contact

  • Torsten
    Group Leader, Nutrition and Health Research (NutriHealth)



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