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By choosing to donate, you will contribute to supporting our research efforts in our priority areas of cancer and immunological disorders, as well as other pressing diseases such as Parkinson’s and metabolic disorders.

Your donation will help us advance the fields of digital health, preventive medicine, clinical research and precision health, giving our dedicated scientists continuous access to the resources they need to discover new innovative and effective approaches for the early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of these malignancies in the near future.

With a regular donation, your impact is multiplied, so that even a small contribution can lead to a big scientific breakthrough. Your generosity is needed, every Euro truly counts!


There are multiple ways you can support us, according to your individual interests, preferences and situation.

Make a lasting impact with a recurring gift as low as 15€ per month

Show your support with a single, secure online donation

Leave a lasting legacy by including the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) in your will

Explore options like memorial donations, fundraising campaigns, and corporate sponsorships

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What you will be supporting

Knowing how your donations can tangibly be used is often a challenge for most donors. To give you a more concrete idea of the actual impact of your support, we have provided hereunder some of the indicative activities that your donations could help fund.

15€ a month for a year could support our patient and public engagement activities. Together, we can ensure research reflects the needs of the people it impacts the most.

Invest in a Year of Discovery: Support a Young Researcher

50€ a month for a year could train a young researcher, equipping them with the skills to shape groundbreaking scientific discoveries of tomorrow.

Drive Innovation: Fund Vital Research Tools

100€ a month for a year could contribute to purchasing vital lab equipment, empowering our innovative research projects to make pioneering discoveries

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… and many private donors ❤️

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