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A successful start of the year for the Clinnova Consortium!

The flagship precision health initiative recruits first patients and presents latest developments

31 January 2024 2minutes

A momentous start to the year for the Clinnova Consortium as it celebrates the successful recruitment of its first patients, marking a significant milestone for the flagship European precision health initiative.

In a significant development, Clinnova successfully enrolled its inaugural seven patients under the inflammatory bowel disease cohorts in Mannheim and Freiburg, Germany, a promising stride forward for the initiative. Dr Jasmin Schulz, chief coordinator of Clinnova at the LIH, emphasized the importance of this achievement, stating:

The recruitment of our first patients is a significant milestone, which will pave the way for the successful inclusion of all future participants across our three disease areas.

Earlier this year, on January 18th and 19th, Clinnova set the scene for 2024 in its second consortium meeting in Strasbourg, France. The high-level event successfully brought together over 70 participants from the four partner countries, a testimony to the unwavering commitment of all consortium partners to rapidly achieve the ambitious goals set. The meeting featured discussions on the progress in implementing the use cases and data infrastructure, emphasizing collaboration as an essential element in addressing complex medical challenges.

Notably, Clinnova also took the opportunity to unveil a refreshed visual identity, featuring a new logo. This rebranding initiative, part of ongoing efforts to modernize and streamline the brand image, reflects Clinnova’s forward-looking approach. Dr Schulz highlighted, “Through our new logo, we sought to convey the message that Clinnova positions itself as a bridge between research and healthcare, connecting clinical and medical informatics experts and striving to advance precision medicine through data federation, standardization, and interoperability“.

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