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NORLUX Neuro-Oncology Laboratory 

NORLUX represents a state-of-the art multidisciplinary research group with a critical mass of competitive scientists in neuro-oncology research. 


We aim to improve the treatment options for malignant brain tumors, with a focus on diffuse gliomas. With a radically translational approach to research, we work with patient samples and innovative patient-derived preclinical model systems that recapitulate the patient tumor. Our research investigates the cellular and molecular basis of gliomas, their capacity to invade the normal brain and escape therapy. Special areas of interests are tumor plasticity, tumor heterogeneity, tumor metabolism, immuno-oncology and pharmacogenomics.   


  • Glioma patient avatars for personalized medicine 
  • Immuno-competent tumor organoids 
  • Personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics 
  • Glioblastoma heterogeneity, plasticity and tumor-microenvironment interactions 
  • IDH mutant glioma metabolism 
  • Novel regulators of glioma invasion 
  • Epigenetics, regulatory RNAs and functional genomics 
  • Harnessing endogenous RTK inhibitors for anti-cancer treatment 
Simone P.

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LIH researchers strive to generate meaningful and disease-relevant knowledge and results for patients. Their findings are regularly published in prestigious international peer-reviewed journals, thereby extending the reach and visibility of the institute’s impact.

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