multi-omics data science (modas) research group

The Multi-omics Data Science Research Group is focused on developing advanced computational and statistical methods of biomedical data analysis and interpretation. 


The Multi-omics Data Science Group mainly focuses on the data obtained in cancer biology with high-throughput molecular profiling. We focus on extracting relevant biological signals and predictive features from tumors and surrounding tissues on various modalities: DNA methylation, RNA expression, protein abundance, and tissue histopathological images. Integrating the corresponding data improves our understanding of cancers and leads to better patient stratification and treatment. A special interest of the group is in contribution to translationally-oriented research through strong collaborations at the LIH, LNS and abroad. Members of the team enable cross-disciplinary research partnerships, which benefit from their diverse expertise in biostatistics, large-scale analysis and integration of multi-omics data, machine learning and scientific programming. 

Petr Nazarov leads the Multi-omics Data Science research group at Luxembourg Institute of Health and is an invited Assistant Professor at Luxembourg University. He graduated as a physicist from Belarus State University in 2000 and got his PhD in biophysics at Wageningen University in 2006. Since then he has been working at Luxembourg Institute of Health as a postdoc, researcher and, finally, a group leader. His primary expertise lies in biostatistics, data analysis, machine learning and genomics. His works are mainly focused on analysis of cancer transcriptomes. He has a special interest in the deconvolution of transcriptomic and epigenomic signals from heterogeneous tumors. 


Projects & clinical trials

The group members led or contributed to the following research projects: 

  • “Decomposition of mixed transcriptomes for classification of heterogeneous tumour samples (DEMICS)”, Luxembourg’s National Research Fund (FNR), 2018-2020. 
  • “Glioma longitudinal analysis in Luxembourg: ex vivo and in vivo functional profiling of recurrent gliomas” (GLASS-LUX), FNR, 2021-2024. 
  • “Targeting tumor propagating cells in glioblastoma: from mechanistic insights to precision medicine” (SUNRISE), Télévie PDR, Luxembourg-Belgium, 2021-2024. 

Featured team members

  • Maryna
    PhD Student
  • Petr
    Group Leader
  • Bakhtiyor
    Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Danial
    PhD Student
  • Reka

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