Chronic lymphocytic leukemia is the most prevalent leukemia affecting adults and remains an incurable disease associated with a tumor-supportive microenvironment. Circulating leukemic cells accumulate in blood and lymphoid organs where they establish physical contacts with stromal cells. This cross-talk influences their homing to specific niches and the evolution of the disease. We study the role of several components of the microenvironment promoting disease progression (exosomes, hypoxia) on the functions of various bystander cells. Our use of in vitro systems and mouse models combined with a strong expertise on microRNA allow us to investigate in both fundamental and applied research topics (signaling, biomarkers).

Research projects

  • Regulation and role of miRNA in stroma-leukemic cells interactions.
  • Role of exosomes in the cross-talk between cancer cells and their microenvironment.
  • Influence of hypoxic stress on miRNA regulatory machinery.


Etienne Moussay

Ph.D., ADR

84, rue Val Fleuri
L-1526 Luxembourg
Tel. : +352 26970-232