The work of the Allergy and Clinical Immunology group has its focus on the common pathways leading to activation of immune reactions and induction of immune tolerance in various diseases, with special attention on IgE-mediated allergies.

Our goals are to identify and characterize novel insect venom allergens (in collaboration with Helmholtz Center, Munich) and to perform clinical-translational studies on anaphylaxis to various allergens (in collaboration with Odense Research Centre in Anaphylaxis/ORCA, University of Southern Denmark), but also on tolerance responses developing in patients undergoing allergen-specific immunotherapy (in collaboration with Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg/CHL, Luxembourg). New targets for immune interventions and biomarkers for precision medicine will be developed and tested in pre-clinical models.

State-of-the-art techniques such as proteomics, CyTOF or gene network analysis are at our disposal to perform the studies.

Research projects

  • Molecular and clinical-translational studies on anaphylaxis (peanut, insect venom, wheat and fish).
  • Clinical-translational studies in patient cohorts with allergen-specific immunotherapy to insect venom, peanut and grass or birch pollen.
  • Assessment of novel targets for immunotherapy and experimental validation in murine models of allergy and immunotherapy.
  • Identification of biomarkers predicting the risk and the outcome of allergic disease and allergen-specific immunotherapy.

Featured Publications

Glutathione restricts serine metabolism to preserve Regulatory T cell function.

  • Experimental and¬†Molecular Immunology
  • Allergy and Clinical Immunology
  • Immune Endocrine and Epigenetics
  • Cancer Metabolism Group
March 16, 2020
2020 Mar. Cell Metab. [Epub ahead of print].
  • Kurniawan H
  • Franchina DG
  • Guerra L
  • Bonetti L
  • Baguet LS
  • Grusdat M
  • Schlicker L
  • Hunewald O
  • Dostert C
  • Merz MP
  • Binsfeld C
  • Duncan GS
  • Farinelle S
  • Nonnenmacher Y
  • Haight J
  • Das Gupta D
  • Ewen A
  • Taskesen R
  • Halder R
  • Chen Y
  • Jager C
  • Ollert M
  • Wilmes P
  • Vasiliou V
  • Harris IS
  • Knobbe-Thomsen CB
  • Turner JD
  • Mak TW
  • Lohoff M
  • Meiser J
  • Hiller K
  • Brenner D.

Homologous tropomyosins from vertebrate and invertebrate: Recombinant calibrator proteins in functional biological assays for tropomyosin allergenicity assessment of novel animal foods.

  • Molecular and Translational Allergology
  • Allergy and Clinical Immunology
January 01, 2020
2020 Jan. Clin Exp Allergy.50(1):105-106. Epub 2019 Oct 11.
  • Klueber J
  • Costa J
  • Randow S
  • Codreanu-Morel F
  • Verhoeckx K
  • Bindslev-Jensen C
  • Ollert M
  • Hoffmann-Sommergruber K
  • Morisset M
  • Holzhauser T
  • Kuehn A.
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