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The Cytoskeleton and Cancer Progression (CCP) research group explores the role of the actin cytoskeleton of tumour cells in two processes that critically promote cancer progression: metastatic spreading and resistance to the immune system, with the ultimate goal of translating its discoveries into clinical applications that benefit patients. 

Cancer immune evasion is a major obstacle to effective anticancer immunotherapies and a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms is urgently needed. Using high resolution and quantitative cell imaging approaches, we recently established the pivotal role of the actin cytoskeleton in tumour cell resistance against cytotoxic immune effector cells. Our investigations at the tumour cell side of the immunological synapse (the cell-to-cell contact between cytotoxic lymphocytes cells and tumour cells) open new avenues for the development of innovative therapeutic approaches aimed at restoring an effective antitumor immune response in patients. 


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