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Colive Voice project sprints forward

13 May 2022 5minutes

Type 1 Running Team association joins Colive Voice study to promote the project among people living with diabetes.

The Colive Voice study, led by the Deep Digital Phenotyping research unit of the Luxembourg Institute of Health, is dedicated to the identification of vocal biomarkers – combination of features from the audio signal of the voice that can be associated with a disease or symptom – for chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

The project was recently enriched by a new collaboration through a partnership with the Type 1 Running Team association, which already supports several research projects dedicated to diabetes.

Founded by David Limousin and Delphine Arduini, two running enthusiasts living with Type 1 diabetes (T1D), the Type 1 Running Team association’s main objective is to encourage the practice of sports in people with Type 1 diabetes. The association, through practical recommendations, helps people reconcile diabetes and sports in a way that is safe for their condition. The association also carries out numerous actions to raise awareness of diabetes among the general public, and in particular Type 1 diabetes, which is often poorly understood. 

Each year, the association organizes La Boucle du Diabète, a family, festive and sportive day around diabetes. Since its creation in 2015, this event has brought together many people at the Parc de Sceaux (Paris region) and connected to the 4 corners of France and the world.  In 2021, 40,000 km have been covered, in other words, the circumference of the Earth! This event contributes to the financing of research projects on diabetes: 100% of the registrations and donations are given to research projects. More than sixty thousand euros have already been collected and contribute to the progress of medical research.

Through this partnership, the Type1 Running Team association is committed to raising awareness of the Colive Voice project among its members and to supporting the recruitment of new participants with diabetes. The association will communicate about the project through messages on its social media accounts, website and a newsletter, as well as during its flagship event, the Boucle du Diabète. This additional support from key players in the field of diabetes will allow the project to reach a maximum number of people living with diabetes and to advance the identification of relevant vocal biomarkers for this disease.

In a few years, patients’ voices could be used for diabetes screening or monitoring through the integration of a voice module in digital health applications or telemedicine solutions. Voice based monitoring will simplify the day-to-day detection and management of diabetes symptoms (hypo/hyperglycemia, diabetes-related distress, fatigue, etc.) and improve the quality of life of millions of people with diabetes worldwide.

The support of the Type 1 Running Team is going to help us  recruit new participants for the Colive Voice project Colive Voice has a strong potential to improve diabetes monitoring. We now need many participants to advance the identification of robust vocal biomarkers related to frequently reported symptoms of this disease, such as diabetes-related distress. We are extremely grateful for the support provided.

commented Dr Guy Fagherazzi, Director of Precision Health and principal investigator of Colive Voice

About our partner Type1 Running Team

Type1 Running Team is an association under the French law of 1901, which gathers French-speaking type 1 diabetic runners and triathletes. The association was co-founded by Delphine Arduini and David Limousin, both type 1 diabetics and sharing a common passion: running and trail. Its mission: Connect, share, inspire

The team has since grown and is spread across the 4 corners of France and in French speaking countries.

Since 2016, the T1RT association is affiliated to the French Athletics Federation.

Partner Website

To participate in the Boucle du Diabète (registration open for the 2022 edition)

About Colive Voice Project

Colive Voice is an international digital health research initiative that aims to improve diagnosis and monitoring of various chronic conditions (like diabetes, cancer, COVID-19) by evaluating voice features known as vocal biomarkers. This innovative study is led by the Deep Digital Phenotyping (DDP), a research unit of the Luxembourg Institute of Health. Participation is open to all adults and adolescents above 15 years of age regardless of their health status, and is done anonymously via a secure web application. Colive Voice is accessible from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop equipped with a microphone.

To participate, or for more information, visit

About the Luxembourg Institute of Health

The Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) is a public biomedical research organization focused on precision health and invested in becoming a leading reference in Europe for the translation of scientific excellence into meaningful benefits for patients.

LIH places the patient at the heart of all its activities, driven by a collective obligation towards society to use knowledge and technology arising from research on patient derived data to have a direct impact on people’s health. Its dedicated teams of multidisciplinary researchers strive for excellence, generating relevant knowledge linked to immune related diseases and cancer.

Scientific Contact

  • Guy
    PhD, Director of Department, Research Group Leader

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