NextImmune - Vacant PhD positions

Area A: Data generation

Project 4: The role of IRG-1 in inflammatory (vascular) diseases

  • SupervisorProf Jochen Schneider, 1 PhD student, LCSB, UL-SDU
  • Research keywords: immune response gene 1, itaconic acid, inflammatory atherosclerosis inflammation, metabolism
  • Collaborations: Dr Johannes Meiser (LIH), Dr Alessandro Michelucci (LIH), Dr Alex Skupin (LCSB)

Inflammatory vascular disease such as atherosclerosis or vascular inflammation affect a large number of subjects of the world population. Since vascular diseases represents a lipid-driven inflammation the pathophysiology requires a wiring of metabolism and immune system. IRG1 is a macrophage specific gene characteristic for immune system activation and is induced by bacterial stimuli as well as oxLDL. The IRG-1 dependent production of the substrate itaconic acid (ITA) directly interferes with cellular tricarboxylic cycle (TCA) metabolism. IRG-1 also mediates the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in macrophages. These data suggest that IRG-1 links innate immune activation with metabolism. We aim to characterize the role if IRG-1 in inflammatory vascular disease in vivo and in vitro. This project aims at defining a novel player as potential target mechanism for inflammatory processes in the vasculature.

Apply here: PhD Student position in Cellular and Molecular Biology - Nextimmune DTU - JS0218- LCSB

Area B: Computational analysis

Project 13: Prediction of causal regulatory interaction networks based on large-scale time-series data

Following the dynamic measurement in different patients, JG’s group will use established computational tools adapted from the field of control engineering to identify potential regulatory causality between genes in Th2 cells. This will provide a directed network of cause-effect relationship between measurements (genes).

Strong mathematical background is a requirement! Hence, the student must hold a mathematics, engineering or physics degree.

  • The ideal candidate would hold a Master in Mathematics, Control Systems or theoretical Machine Learning.
  • If not already covered in their background, students must also learn advanced mathematic courses from the mathematics department including analysis, functional analysis and linear algebra. Biological knowledge is not essential.
  • We will only consider students that graduate in their top 20% undergraduate and Master’s class rank (equivalent to a UK first class degree).

Apply here: PhD Student in Computational Immunology - Nextimmune campaign - UNI Lu 

Area C: Validation and pre-clinical target evaluation

Project 15: Integrated cellular network modeling to decipher molecular mechanisms underlying the shifted Th2 responses

  • Supervisor: Prof Antonio del Sol, 1 PhD student, LCSB, UL-SDU
  • Research keywords: allergy, Th2 responses, immunotherapy, computational networks
  • Collaborations: Sergei Nedospasov (MDC, Berlin)

Based on the allergy model described in project 13, transcriptomics and epigenomic data generated from sorted murine cells measured in different conditions will be analyzed for identifying the underlying molecular mechanisms that shift pathogenic Th2 cells in allergic disorders towards regulatory-like responses using different tools established in our group.

Apply here: PhD Student in Computational System Biology - Nextimmune DTU - LCSB