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NextImmune aims to provide PhD candidates with the best starting points for their future successful career in biomedical science.

Among others, one of the specific training aims of our programme is to train the next generation immunologists to be able to not only perform wet lab experiments, but also handle large-scale datasets.


  • High standard pre-selection of promising PhD candidates
  • Supervision constellation for each PhD student: either 2 PIs (junior PIs; cross-disciplinary or “sister projects”) or 1 PI & 1 “cross-disciplinary” mentor
  • Early “boot camps” and NextImmune annual retreats
  • Organized as block seminar weeks every year
  • PhD students rotate through partner labs
  • Daily seminars in TAT domains outside PhD project focus


  • Organised as block seminar weeks every year
  •  PhD students rotate through partner labs
  • Daily seminars in TAT domains outside PhD project focus

Provisional list of training courses (tbc)

Title​ECTS​Leading Institution
Internal seminarstbd​​LIH
NextImmune's journal Club​tbd​LIH
​Lecture series " Infection & Immunity"​tbd​LIH - LCSB
​NextImmune's Retreats​tbd​LIH - LCSB
​"Pizza & Talk" PhD student meetings​tbd​UL
​Scientific skills training (TAT)​tbd​LIH-LCSB
​Soft skills training (Training & Workshops series at LIH)tbd​​LIH
​Ethics course "Good Scientific Practice"tbdUL
​Research ethics and research integrity​tbd​UL-LCSB
​Theory and practice in big data analysis​tbd​UL-LCSB
Introduction to Bioinformatics​tbd​UL
​Impact-the-Actor lectures in biotech entrepreneurship​tbd​LIH
​Training in biobanking for future immunologists​tbd​IBBL
​Clinical concept training for PhD candidates​tbd​CHL



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All the NextImmune positions are filled! We are however always looking for excellent doctoral candidates, so do not hesitate to send us your application, including motivation letter and CV or to check our other open positions, and apply online! Please note that all applications should have to be done via the LIH portal.