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The Seintinelles donate their voice to support the Colive Voice project

01 February 2022 3minutes

The French association Les Seintinelles has agreed to support the Colive Voice project, an international digital health study led by the Luxembourg Institute of Health. This unique association, dedicated to cancer research, brings together volunteers who wish to help medical research and researchers involved in the fight against cancer. The association provides a crucial connection between volunteer citizens and research projects that is critical to the success of many clinical studies and to allow patients to benefit from the advances discovered by the researchers.

The association Les Seintinelles has launched the first French collaborative website gathering 36 235 citizens, motivated by the desire to participate in research to fight cancer. This base of volunteers is made up of people currently undergoing cancer treatment, or who have had a history of cancer, as well as patient’s relatives. In a recent development, the association Les Sentinelles have agreed to become a full partner to the Colive Voice study in a dedicated webpage on their website. 

Colive Voice aims to improve the diagnosis and monitoring of various chronic diseases (cancer, diabetes, covid-19…) by evaluating voice features. With the support of the new participants recruited via Les Seintinelles website, Colive Voice researchers hope to advance the identification of vocal biomarkers related to different cancer types. In a few years, the identified vocal biomarkers will make it possible to improve the remote monitoring of symptoms frequently reported by patients with this serious disease, such as fatigue, stress or anxiety. They will also allow to improve telehealth solutions for patients affected by cancer through the integration of voice monitoring. The identified biomarkers could also, one day, provide a new diagnostic tools to promote early detection of cancers, a key factor to improve survival rates. 

The support of leading associations like Les Sentinelles is essential for the participant recruitment of Colive Voice. The visibility they provide will enable us to recruit enough participants to identify key vocal biomarkers that will in turn help us make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients living with cancer. We are extremely grateful for their collaboration.

commented Guy Fagherazzi, Dr Guy Fagherazzi, Director of the Department of Precision Health and Principal Investigator of Colive Voice.


The French association Les Seintinelles (law 1901) launched in September 2013 its platform for connecting researchers and volunteer citizens. 

This is a first-of-its-kind project in France that encourages and enables volunteer individuals to collaborate with researchers by participating in their studies, in order to accelerate research on all cancers. By integrating the possibilities offered by digital technology into the very heart of its operations, it renews its commitment to solidarity and collaboration: the desire to contribute and act at a personal level and together.


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