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Data Integration and Analysis

The Data Integration and Analysis unit supports the LIH in maximising the potential of data for translational research purposes.

Across the last decades, data has grown to become a cornerstone for multidisciplinary research, digital and precision health. At the LIH, the Data Integration and Analysis unit (DIA), is the main unit in charge of promoting and ensuring that researchers and clinicians can leverage patient information to the fullest. With it’s expertise in the area of Information Technologies (IT) and data science, the DIA assists and supports medical research at LIH and at the national level.

The main mission of the DIA is to provide and maintain a safe and secure IT ecosystem for researchers and clinicians, where they can collect, store, analyze and share data from different sources, ranging from studies, registries, laboratories, health systems and public datasets. This includes the establishment and maintenance of a national data integration center, in close collaboration with national partners, to enable the gathering, management and dissemination of interoperable health data.


  • Design and maintain the IT ecosystem of the LIH in support of its research endeavors
  • Provide and maintain the IT infrastructure, including power computing platforms
  • Provide, develop and maintain software for data collection, annotation, analysis and sharing
  • Provide data management solutions (e.g. data lake, data warehouse)
  • Assist researchers in the identification of their requirements, needs and matching solutions
  • Ensure the security and confidentiality of the data in accordance with legal and ethical requirements
  • Collaborate with national and international partners to establish safe and secure data sharing environments
  • Establish data exchange platforms with research partners, laboratories and other health systems

Our Stakeholders

  • LIH
  • Research Partners
  • Patients
  • Luxembourgish Healthcare System

Dr. Maximilian Fünfgeld was appointed as the Chief Medical Information Officer at the LIH in 2021.

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