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IT eXpertise in Health Data (IT-X-HD)

Information Technology (IT) plays a defining role in the healthcare sector. Tools and methods from the IT sector help improve coordination between the various actors in the health system, provide deeper insights into patients’ health and burdens, and reduce workload. IT also provides solutions to bridge the gap between research and care, enabling more personalized outcomes for patients and their individual needs.


The activities are focused on three main areas:

  • Data Governance – support to researchers and other partners for data collection (e.g. setting up proper data flows), data storage (e.g. identifying the best structures and software), and data governance (e.g. assistance with GDPR compliance)
  • Software Solutions – services to develop custom solutions for the needs of LIH in terms of data and study management, as well as assisting in the evaluation of existing solutions for specific needs (e.g. RedCap using CRFs)
  • Data Solutions – offers services for researchers and other partner institutions for the modeling, preparation, and analysis of data (e.g. creation of pipelines to establish data flows)

Main Activities

  • Design and maintain IT solutions for LIH, partners, and in support of research projects and service activities
    • Provide, develop and maintain software for data collection, annotation, analysis, and sharing
    • Provide data management solutions (e.g. data lake, data warehouse)
  • Assist researchers in the identification of their requirements, needs, and matching solutions
  • Ensure the security and confidentiality of the data following legal and ethical requirements
  • Collaborate with national and international partners to establish safe and secure data-sharing environments
    • Establish data exchange platforms with research partners, laboratories, and other health systems


Our team includes various IT profiles, ranging from developers for software solutions, data scientists, business intelligence engineers, software testers and project managers.


  • LIH and its researchers
  • Patients
  • Ministry of Health
  • Hospitals and other care facilities



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