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bioinformatics (bioinfo) platform

The Bioinformatics Platform provides top of the line bioinformatics services to the research groups of the LIH and other collaborating partners. 


The Bioinformatics platform focuses on analysis centered around multi-omics data, their integration, statistical analysis, developing predictive models and presentation of the results in relevant figures. When needed, additional clinical data are considered and integrated with multi-omics data. The Bioinformatics platform also provides training in a variety of disciplines: biostatistics, R programming, data science, transcriptomics data analysis and machine learning. 


Projects & clinical trials

The group members contributed to the following research projects at LIH in the past two years: 

Scientific publications

LIH researchers strive to generate meaningful and disease-relevant knowledge and results for patients. Their findings are regularly published in prestigious international peer-reviewed journals, thereby extending the reach and visibility of the institute’s impact.

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