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At the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH), we believe we have a collective obligation towards society to use knowledge and technology arising from outstanding research to have a direct and meaningful impact on people’s health. 

This is why we are invested in becoming a reference in Europe for the translation of scientific excellence and innovation into meaningful benefits for patients.

Within the Luxembourg research context, LIH has become a transversally integrated organisation spearheading biomedical research through real world and patient data. In line with its transversal and translational vision, which aims to perform research that transcends the boundaries of classical disease definition, LIH adopts an innovative approach by looking at the immune system as a shared functional module between common diseases − from cancer to immune-related disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.  

Indeed, the immune system with its complex regulatory network is considered an important driver in disease aetiology, either through its over-activation or dysfunction in activation. Immune-related diseases, accordingly, should share common mechanisms of action with each other and their respective comorbidities. Furthermore, immunological research aspects have been a relatively strong common denominator in LIH activities to date.  

LIH strives for international research leadership, impact and innovation. Its research seeks to produce transformative and lasting solutions to make lives healthier, safer and more resilient by maintaining its foundation in interdisciplinary strengths and translational excellence. 

This vision calls for a highly collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach, based on strong collaborations with leading national and international academic partners. This fosters a shared and open mindset, ultimately advancing translational research beyond borders. LIH’s cutting-edge technological platforms, expertise in patient-derived models, digital health tools and biological sample management infrastructure (IBBL) make the institute an attractive and prestigious partner for highly translational international projects and clinical trials.  

Indeed, real-world patient data and digital technologies are crucial to address unmet patient needs. They allow the generation of patient-based models required for successful clinical trials and personalised diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.  

Moreover, the close-knit collaboration with clinicians is a key component of the translational dimension of LIH’s activities and lies at the heart of the institute’s “bed to bench to bed” approach. This cooperation allows LIH to perform truly translational and patient-centric research based on real-life patient data, while enabling clinicians to deliver better healthcare through novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools and through the selection of the most appropriate available treatment. This mutual exchange will further establish the importance of the “clinician scientist” profile in the context of “bed to bench to bed” translational research and personalised medicine. 

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LIH aims to perform research that transcends the classical boundaries of individual diseases and that can be tangibly applied in the clinical practice to address unmet needs, thus positively affecting health outcomes for patients.

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