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Journée de la Recherche Médicale et Translationnelle – JRMT

Since 2015, Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) has collaborated with Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL) to organize the “Journée de la Recherche Médicale et Translationnelle (JRMT)”, which will take place this year on October 16th, 2024 at the amphitheater of the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL).

Nowadays, medical progress is made through the collaboration between doctors and researchers. Thus, this day dedicated to medical research in Luxembourg highlights the collaborations between the world of basic research and clinical research in Luxembourg.

The JRMT continues to innovate over the years. This year we bring together all actors of the medical research in Luxembourg. We are proposing an exciting program of lectures presented by experts of health care and clinical research in Luxembourg.

The targeted audience includes professionals from the clinical, academic and industrial research communities in Luxembourg and neighbouring countries.

This event is also an opportunity to meet and share ideas for future medical research, identify needs and foster collaborations.

AGENDA – Clinical Research in Luxembourg
12h0013h00Welcome and Lunch speakers and registrants
13h0013h10Intro CHL – LIH – LCTR
13h1013h45A prospective cohort study of patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease:
A Trans-Regional Digital Health Effort Unlocking the Potential of Artificial
Intelligence and Data Science in Health Care: Clinnova –
13h4514h00Centre for Rare Childhood Diseases:
Towards an area of excellence in rare disease research in Luxembourg
14h0014h15Parkinson’s disease:
from basic research to clinical research, and to the development of the use of new technology
14h1514h20Experience of a patient in the clinical study PADOVA
14h2014h35Clinical Research on Digital Medical devices and services
14h4515h15Coffee break / Meet the sponsors / Poster sessions
15h1515h40Microbiome-derived, immunogenic molecules and their role in the prognosis of
immunotherapy for cancer (ImMi-Tx)
15h4016h05Implementation of phase 1 studies in trauma surgery and neurosurgery in Luxembourg:
a CHL-LIH collaboration
16h0516h20Institut National du Cancer (INC)
16h2016h40Cardiac arrest : clinical and translational research in Luxembourg
16h4016h55Integrated Biobank of Luxembourg (IBBL)
16h5517h15Questions & Conclusion
17h1517h45Cocktail networking

The morning is dedicated to high school students (click on the link if you are a teacher or student), and the afternoon to healthcare professionals and researchers.


Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL).
4 rue Barble L 1210 Luxembourg


For free
Lunch & cocktail included

Poster prizes

Phd Thesis 2rd or 3rd year (or more)
Deadline submission abstract: 01 Sept 2024
Validation Training ECTS


Deadline subscription: 30 September 2024


Nassera Aouali & Tania Zamboni



16/10/2024 12:00 to 19:45

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