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Journée de la Recherche Médicale et Translationnelle – JRMT

Medical and Translational Research Day

Nowadays, medical progress is made through the collaboration between doctors and researchers. Thus this day dedicated to medical research in Luxembourg highlights the collaborations between the world of basic research and clinical research in Luxembourg.

The JRMT, which has continued to innovate over the years, is once again proposing a new concept this year.

Research professions within the hospital will be presented; such as clinician scientist, MD-PhD student, and psychologist, illustrated by research projects in peadiatrics, neurosurgery and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Students will also experience clinical research through the professions of Clinical Research Associates (CRA) and Clinical Research Nurses (CRN) by participating in several interactive workshops (how to participate in a clinical study: the Informed consent, samples collection and preparation and more).

Programme – Initiation to clinical research
08h3008h45Introduction CHL-LIH-LCTR
08h4509h45Physician-Researcher, Specialist Physician, Psychologist (in German and / or English)
09h4510h00Coffee break at CHL
10h1512h00Workshops: Simulation of a participant’s visit to a clinical study (in French)
– Workshop 1: Method of signing informed consent
– Workshop 2: Interaction with nurses : Vital Signs and questionnaires
– Workshop 3: Collection and traceability of biological samples
– Workshop 4: Processing of biological samples
– Workshop 5: Integration of new technologies in clinical research

The morning is dedicated to high school students, and the afternoon to healthcare professionals and researchers (click on the link if you are a healthcare professional or researcher, PhD student).


Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL).
4 rue Barble L 1210 Luxembourg


Deadline subscription: 02 October 2024

Places are limited, so please register early. The event will partly be held in German and/or English, with the workshops in French.


16/10/2024 08:30 to 12:00

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