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LIH shapes the future of translational allergy research

Two LIH publications recognized in leading allergy research review on “Hot Topics 2023”

30 November 2023 3minutes

LIH’s Molecular and Translational Allergology Group achieved international recognition with two publications showcased in a prestigious review published in “Allergy”, emphasizing LIH’s leading role in translational allergy research.

The Molecular and Translational Allergology Group, part of the Department of Infection and Immunity, has achieved a significant milestone when two of its recent publications earned them a place in the prestigious review: “Hot topics in allergen immunotherapy, 2023: Current status and future perspective.” This comprehensive review delves into the latest advancements in allergen immunotherapy, offering a profound understanding of cutting-edge research and projecting key trajectories for future progress. The review was published in “Allergy,” the leading journal in the field.

One of the highlighted research breakthroughs involves the application of clustering algorithms to identify predictive biomarkers in peanut allergy. Dr Annette Kuehn, main author of “High-dimensional Immune Profiles Correlate with Phenotypes of Peanut Allergy During Food-Allergic Reactions” (DOI: 10.1111/all.15408), led a groundbreaking study that, for the first time, describes real-time immune responses during food-allergic reactions, offering valuable insights for future research and clinical applications. This innovative approach provides a high-resolution view of immune cell populations and their dynamic changes during diagnostic oral food challenges. This not only enhances our understanding of inflammation processes but also holds promise for safer and more efficient monitoring of therapeutic interventions, such as Oral Immunotherapy.

We consider this a great achievement,” remarked Dr Kuehn, emphasizing the international recognition of the Molecular and Translational Allergology Group’s research. “The inclusion of two LIH publications in such a high-profile review is a testament to the quality and relevance of our team’s contributions to the field.”

In the constantly evolving landscape of allergens and their clinical significance, Dr Christiane Hilger, together with four highly renowned international experts, spearheaded the publication joining a total of 100 authors and that addressed the need for structured information essential for both clinicians and researchers. In collaboration with Prof Markus Ollert and Dr Kuehn, Dr Hilger played a pivotal role in providing an updated summary of recognized allergen molecules and their clinical relevance. The 2nd edition of the EAACI Molecular Allergology User’s Guide (DOI: 10.1111/pai.13854), was featured in the review as an “example of an updated summary of allergen molecules and their role in allergy diagnosis and Allergen Immunotherapy (AIT) prescription”, alongside a Figure summarizing its main points.

These achievements not only provide valuable resources for the medical and scientific community, but also underscore our dedication to improving the lives of individuals affected by allergies

explained Dr Hilger.

LIH’s commitment to advancing allergy research is evident in its noteworthy contributions, positioning the institute at the forefront of cutting-edge research in 2023,” concluded Prof Ollert.

Scientific Contact

  • Annette
    Group Leader, Molecular and Translational Allergology


  • Christiane
    Group Leader, Molecular and Translational Allergology



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