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ACADI Research Unit Update

03 April 2023 2minutes

The ACADI research unit webpage serves as a hub for sharing our latest research findings, publications, ongoing projects, and team members’ profiles.

We are thrilled to formally introduce you to our growing research group now that we have welcomed a new member! India Pinker has now joined Dr Sophie Pilleron’s unit to work on the REDICO project. She is a psychologist by background and studied empathy, healthcare communication and medical education during her PhD. We look forward to welcoming more members in the near future! To learn more about our specific member profiles, they are available to view on our main page.

As our team expands, we expand our expertise to tackle the evolving challenges in ageing, cancer and disparities. We believe that our diverse perspectives and multidisciplinary approach enable us to tackle complex problems from multiple angles, leading to innovative solutions. Our group is committed to conducting impactful and translational research that makes a difference for older adults on their healthcare journey. As we continue to grow, we are open to collaborations and partnerships with fellow researchers, industry professionals, and stakeholders interested in our work. We are excited about the possibilities for future collaborations and the potential for impactful research outcomes.

We invite you to explore our work, learn more about our team, and connect with us. We look forward to sharing our research journey with you and making meaningful contributions to our field together.



Funding and collaborations

The project is supported by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) and the Luxembourg Institute of Health.

Scientific Contact

  • Sophie
    Group Leader

    ACADI Group Leader



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