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[Article series] The experts behind Luxembourg’s Covid-19 fight

April 02, 2020   In Our News  

COVID-19 taskforce: Launch of national platform, FNR Call in the making

April 01, 2020   In Our News  

[Article series] The experts behind Luxembourg’s Covid-19 fight

March 31, 2020   In Our News  

#LIHTellMeWhy: explaining COVID-19 to children!

March 30, 2020   In Our News  

COVID-19: Where does it really come from?

March 30, 2020   In Our News  

[Press Release] COVID-19: Research Luxembourg is mobilising

March 26, 2020   In Our News  

Three LIH projects to be supported by “Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships”

February 21, 2020   In Our News  

Advancing proteomics through industrial collaborations

February 07, 2020   In Our News  

Defeating cancer in Luxembourg: Legs Kanning Prize 2019

January 29, 2020   In Our News  

Accreditation of the WHO European Regional Reference Laboratory for Measles and Rubella at LIH

January 27, 2020   In Our News  

Leukaemia research supported again by a donation from Plooschter Projet

January 20, 2020   In Our News  

FNR CORE scheme funds three research projects at LIH

January 20, 2020   In Our News  

Understanding how diffuse gliomas evolve

January 06, 2020   In Our News  

International recognition for Luxembourg allergy research

December 13, 2019   In Our News  

Pelican grant to support training and mobility for glioblastoma research project

December 11, 2019   In Our News  

Young Investigator Award at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuro-Oncology

December 10, 2019   In Our News  

Where science and development aid meet

December 09, 2019   In Our News  

Replace – Reduce – Refine in animal experimentation

December 05, 2019   In Our News  

Getting the tools for a successful PhD

November 25, 2019   In Our News  

Digital data and AI to improve the lives of people with diabetes

November 15, 2019   In Our News