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Luxembourg’s COVID-19 Task Force Wins Science for Society Prize

21 March 2023 2minutes

The Research Luxembourg COVID-19 Task Force, which was initiated by the LIH, has been awarded the 2022 Science for Society Prize by the Science for Society Foundation under the Fondation de Luxembourg.

The Task Force was awarded for its significant role in spearheading the national research community’s support to healthcare providers and the government during the pandemic. Via its outreach efforts, the Task Force disseminated COVID related research findings to the public and helped the government make important decisions, including the launch of the large-scale testing program. The Task Force’s efforts helped protect the most vulnerable while keeping society open.

Luxembourg’s response to the pandemic was praised by the OECD, which credited the country for creating the Task Force at the onset of the crisis. Furthermore, according to the WHO, Luxembourg has had the lowest rate of excess mortality among European countries throughout the pandemic, a testament to the impressive work done by the Task Force.

The Science for Society Prize applicants are evaluated by an independent jury, including members from the research community, decision-makers, the technology sector, and the press. The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) and the Science for Society Foundation will award the 5,000 EUR prize to the winner at an upcoming ceremony this month. Prof Paul Wilmes from the University of Luxembourg will accept the award on behalf of the Task Force.


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