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Revolutionizing quality management for a healthier tomorrow

LIH recognized for outstanding quality management project

29 November 2023 2minutes

LIH was honoured with the “PROJET COUP DE COEUR DE MLQE – 2023” award for its innovative approach in the management of non-conformities.

In a prestigious event held at the Chambre de Commerce on the 23rd of November, the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) received the coveted “PROJET COUP DE COEUR 2023” award from the Mouvement Luxembourgeois pour la Qualité et l’Excellence (MLQE). The ceremony, attended by key figures including S.A.R. Grand-Duc Héritier, Minister of Economy M. Lex Delles, and MLQE President Caroline Hindahl-Rios, celebrated LIH’s exceptional achievement in the realm of quality management.

The recognized project, titled “Processus gestion de non-conformités: dématérialisation et standardisation” (Management of Non-Conformities: Digitalization and Standardization), was lauded for its innovative approach. LIH’s representative Alessandra Rossato, who took the stage, answered questions about the project and highlighted the collaborative efforts of LIH units and the IT BIS department, which developed the ground-breaking informatics solution. Developed in three phases, the initiative streamlined non-conformity management, resulting in digitalization, unified processes, and improved accountability.

Accepting this award is a testament to the collective dedication of our team at LIH. The success of our project underscores the power of collaboration and innovation in driving positive change. We are proud to pioneer digital advancements that streamline processes and enhance accountability, ultimately contributing to the continuous improvement of healthcare management at the institute

commented Mrs Rossato, Quality Officer at the LIH, who accepted the prize on behalf of the Institute.

The project achieved substantial results at LIH, including the digitalization of paper forms, eliminating administrative tasks, and implementing a unified management system. This led to a significant reduction in non-conformity-related emails, improved monitoring through user-created queries and dashboards, and increased employee accountability. The notable rise in reported non-conformities reflects LIH’s commitment to continuous improvement, showcasing the positive impact of the SMS tool on overall enhancement within the institute.

The project’s success hinged on contributions from various units, including IBBL’s valuable feedback, the IT department’s development capabilities, and collaborative efforts across LIH departments. The internally developed tool proved comprehensive, rich in information, and easily accessible to all LIH employees.

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