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LIH scientist takes the lead in global cancer epidemiology

Dr Claudine Backes elected president of the GRELL

10 November 2023 3minutes

LIH Dr Claudine Backes, epidemiologist and Scientific Director of the Luxembourg National Cancer Registry, was elected as the new President of the GRELL, one of the oldest cancer research associations worldwide, with the highest expertise in cancer epidemiology and cancer data collection including over 300+ members from 20+ countries. Her new role will provide vital in advancements in the field of cancer research, improving prevention, enhancing treatment, and supporting healthcare planning.

In a significant development for the field of cancer research in Luxembourg, Dr Claudine Backes, Epidemiologist from the Luxembourg National Cancer Registry at the Luxembourg Institute of Health, and Scientific Director of the National Cancer Registry, has assumed the role of President at the esteemed Group for Cancer Epidemiology and Registration in Latin Language Countries (GRELL).

The GRELL, a global leader in cancer research, has a distinguished history dating back since 1976, and it boasts a membership of over 300 professionals from European, African, Canadian and Latin American countries. The association is renowned for its exceptional expertise in cancer epidemiology and cancer data collection, and it plays a vital role in advancing the understanding of cancer, its prevention, and effective treatment. Annual scientific conferences have been held successfully since its establishment providing an exchange platform for experts working with population-based cancer registries including clinicians, researchers, policy makers, big data scientists and IT-experts.

As President of the GRELL, Dr Backes will guide the association in its unwavering commitment to cancer epidemiology and data collection, playing a pivotal role in advancing our understanding of cancer and improving the lives of those affected by this disease. Her appointment represents a significant milestone in the global fight against cancer, as GRELL continues its mission to promote epidemiological cancer research and contribute to improving healthcare outcomes worldwide.

It’s a privilege to serve as GRELL President. This role will allow me to contribute to vital initiatives in cancer research and epidemiology on a global scale. Our mission is not only to advance our understanding of cancer burden worldwide but also to evaluate the efficiency of public health prevention and screening programmes, to assess the quality of patient treatment, to support policy makers to plan healthcare services, and to foster clinical and epidemiological cancer research. It’s an incredible opportunity to make a real difference in the fight against cancer.

said Dr Backes.

GRELL’s work is crucial for enhancing the quality of healthcare, developing effective strategies for cancer prevention, and supporting the well-being of cancer patients. Dr Backes’ leadership is expected to further elevate GRELL’s contributions to these vital areas of public and precision health. This is the first time a Luxembourgish cancer epidemiologist assumes such a prestigious role which will enhance Luxembourg’s visibility and excellence at an international level.

Dr Claudine Backes’ appointment as GRELL President presents her with the great opportunity to shape policy on an international level and increase the impact of cancer epidemiology in healthcare approaches worldwide,” commented Dr Frank Glod, Chief Scientific Officer at the LIH. “We congratulate Dr Backes on her prestigious appointment, which not only elevates Luxembourg’s visibility but also underscores the Luxembourg Institute of Health’s commitment to excellence in international cancer research.

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    Scientific Director of the National Cancer Registry

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