i2TRON - PhD Training Program

Vacant PhD positions

The i2TRON doctoral training unit has currently 7 unappointed positions.

1 MD PhD position available immediately

Project 1.2.   Markers of shaping and educating the early life immune response to food proteins  Supervisors: Dr Annette Kühn and Dr Christiane Hilger 

 Discover the project: Work package 1: Chronic Inflammation

 Job advert: description and application

6 projects for scientific PhD candidates are unappointed and a new recruitment call will strat in May 2021.

Please find below a list of the projects with links to the supervisors and project description. The job adverts will be published on this webpage, the institute webpages and the most common scientific job boards.

The positions are open to candidates from inside and outside of the EU.

Work package 1: Chronic Inflammation

Project 1.1. Obesity heritage: Generation spanning effect on immunometabolism and inflammation Supervisor: Prof Dirk Brenner 

 Discover the project: Work package 1: Chronic Inflammation

Work package 2: Immuno-Oncology

Project 2.1. - The role of mitochondrial folate metabolism during macrophage polarization (Mac1L) | Supervisor: Dr Johannes Meiser

 Discover the project: Work package 2: Immuno-Oncology 

  Starts in June 2022

Project 2.3. - Immunotherapies and drug screening in improved patient-derived models: a translational approach towards personalized treatments for leukemia Supervisors: Dr Jérôme Paggetti and Dr Etienne Moussay

 Discover the project: Work package 2: Immuno-Oncology 

Project 2.4. - Impact of pharmacological inhibition of autophagy on the improvement of cancer immunotherapy and the regulation of gut microbiome Supervisors: Dr Bassam Janji and Dr Mahesh Desai (co-supervisor)

 Discover the project: Work package 2: Immuno-Oncology 

Project 2.6. - CoMiX-CEA: pre-clinical evaluation of CoMIX in a colorectal cancer modelSupervisors: Dr Carole Devaux and Dr Xavier Dervillez (co-supervisor)

 Discover the project: Work package 2: Immuno-Oncology 

Work package 3: Neuroimmunology

Project 3.4. - Development of small molecule compounds targeting altered autophagy in Parkinson’s disease specific microglia | Supervisor: Prof Dr Jens Schwamborn

 Discover the project: Work package 3: Neuroimmunology