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Within the Luxembourg Institute of Health, qualified professionals with various expertises are working together striving for excellence. Physicians, biological scientists, engineers, laboratory technicians, research nurses, statisticians, bioinformatic specialists, datamanagers, accountants... are among the many professions represented in our research departments and support services units.

Their talent, their ability to collaborate and the complementarity of their skills are some of the key elements allowing us to create societal and economical value.

Are you ready to bring your talent at the service of biomedical research?

  • Project Manager - IC0820

    The Project Manager will be responsible for the generalmanagement of an EDCTP (European & Developing Countries Clinical TrialsPartnership) project starting on the 1st of January 2021.  Working with the Scientific Coordinator of the project and the European Projects Coordinator, the Project Manager will monitor the consortium and will facilitate its general functioning in conformity with the terms of the Consortium Agreement. The tasks of the Project Manager will be related to organisational, administrative, financial and legal management of the project.
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    05/08/2020 11:49:05
  • 4 MD-PhD and 16 PhD student positions in Systems, Neuro & Cancer Immunology - RK0720

    i2TRON  is a highly innovative PhD training programon “integrating immune strategies for Translational Research in Oncology and Neurology” and is supported by theLuxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) within their PRIDE program. We will develop the next generation of translational scientistsas boundary crossers, domain experts and skilled communicators. Inflammation is a common hallmark shared across different non-communicable diseases (NCD).
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    03/08/2020 14:28:27
  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA) - MA0720

    CIEC CRMT - Clinical Research Monitoring Team

    The Clinical Research Associate work at LIH’s Clinical and Epidemiological Investigation Center. She/He will: Coordinate clinical research projects according to the protocol, budget and fixed timelines; Supervise and assist regulatory submissions to health authorities including the national research ethics committee; Support private sponsors, researchers and investigators from other research institutions or hospitals in the set up and conduct of clinical research projects; Ensure compliance with the applicable legal, administrative and regulatory requirements; Provide specific expertise and know-how in clinical research; Provide support to safety reporting and adverse events reporting; Monitor clinical trials and guarantee the quality of the scientific data collected during the study.
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    24/07/2020 11:35:02
  • Administrative Project Coordinator - FG0720

    The Science Office (SO) represents the central unit in themanagement of the LIH research projects. The Administrative Project Coordinator(APC) will be key in the coordination of the workloads/tasks between theGroup leaders (GLs), project managers and various administrative services. He/shewill organize the flow of information between GLs, Scientific SteeringCommittee (SSC) members, Departmental Project Managers and administrativeservices to ensure smooth progression of research projects within the PLCManagement processes of the LIH.
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    08/07/2020 15:45:15
  • Postdoctoral Fellow: Gut microbiome and mucosal barrier in multiple sclerosis - MD0620

    DII ALL7 - Eco-Immunology and Microbiome

    We are looking for a talented candidate to apply for a MarieSkłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Individual postdoctoral fellowship 2020. The interested candidate willsubmit an MSCA fellowship jointly with the‘Ecoimmunology & Microbiome Group’ headed by Prof. Mahesh S. Desai. Theresearch project will focus on the interactions between diet, the gutmicrobiome and colonic mucus in a neurodegenerative disease multiple sclerosis(MS). The project is based on the published work (Desai et al., Cell, 2016;Martens…Desai, Nature Reviews Microbiology, 2018) on the same topic andinvolves gnotobiotic mouse models, synthetic microbial communities, MS patientcohorts and key international collaborations in Europe, USA and Japan. Thepostdoc will participate in an exciting research program in an internationalresearch team with prior success with the MSCA applications. Scientific andprofessional guidance will be provided to submit the application for apostdoctoral fellowship that, if successful, could be initiated between spring2021 to early 2022. A 'bridge funding’ option may be available to start earlierin 2020 before the outcome of the fellowship application.
    29, rue Henri Koch, Esch-sur-Alzette L-4354, Luxembourg
    20/06/2020 09:58:00
  • Clinical Research Nurse - JYF0620

    CIEC CRNT - Clinical Research Nurse Team

    The Clinical Research Nurse will : Assist the investigator and the medical team at all stages of the studies, especially COVID-19 projects; Organise the implemenation of research protocols and participate in data collection and management; Carry out nursing related activities as stated in the clinical research protocol; Participate in communication activities for clinical research.
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    16/06/2020 18:04:03
  • Internship Position in Leukemia Research (Master students) - JP0520

    84, rue Val Fleuri, Luxembourg L-1526, Luxembourg
    19/05/2020 11:48:03
  • IT Technical Architect /Software Engineer - AA0520

    IBBL BIS - Business Information Solutions


    The IT Technical Architect & Software Engineer will lead software architecture strategy,design and development by applying cutting edge engineering, testing anddelivery practices. He/She will ensure that Information Solutions supportingbusiness operations are available, secure, scalable, robust, high performantand cost efficient to serve both IBBL and partners. Lastly, he/she will also beresponsible for identifying standard methodologies to increase quality, reducecycle time & cost, increase visibility, and improve ability to adapt tochanging needs
    Rue Louis Rech 1, Entrée B, Dudelange L-3555, Luxembourg
    08/05/2020 14:14:40
  • Head of Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg (IBBL) - UN0520

    IBBL - Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg

    The Head of IBBL supports the development and implementation of organizational policies, contracts and business relations to meet strategic translational and financial goals of the Institute. He/she : will support our translational research actvitities in several selected deseases ;  will be responsible for the day to day management of the different departments/units and for ensuring that all functions related to processing samples are completed accurately and according to SOP’s ;  will work transversally across the research institutions to assure operational integration of a nation-wide transversal translational research framework, which will include transversal access to research platforms.
    Rue Louis Rech 1, Entrée B, Dudelange L-3555, Luxembourg
    07/05/2020 13:41:56
  • BioStatistician with experience in Neuroscience - MV0420

    CCMS - Competence Center for Methodology and Statistics

    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    29/04/2020 16:13:56
  • Médecin Responsable du Centre de Recherche Clinique (H/F) - CHL

    Situé au carrefour de l'Europe, le Grand-Duché de Luxembourg offre un cadre de vie privilégié grâce à sa géographie, son multiculturalisme et le dynamisme de son économie qui lui confèrent un niveau de vie parmi les plus élevés du monde. Le Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg est un établissement public médico-chirurgical de référence avec 600 lits disposant de nombreux Centres Nationaux. Il a une mission de recherche et d’enseignement et gère actuellement plus de 100 études cliniques et assure 250 publications annuelles. Pour son Centre de Recherche Clinique (CRC) faisant partie d’un Centre de Recherche Clinique et Translationnelle (LCTR) exploité conjointement avec le Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH), le CHL est à lare cherche d'un médecin.
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    07/01/2020 11:24:57
  • Biostatistician - MV0519

    CCMS - Competence Center for Methodology and Statistics

    The Biostatistician will join the LIH’s Competence Center for Methodology and Statistics (CCMS).Within the clinical research hub of the Department of Population Health, the CCMS provides methodological support in statistical planning and analysis and data handling for various laboratories and research groups as well as offering training in statistics and support in writing papers.
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    25/05/2020 11:07:33
  • Spontaneous Summer Student jobs 2020

    Are you interested in a student job at LIH or IBBL ? Feel free to apply here. Don't forget to mention in your cover letter the department and the period of time that is of interest to you. For people who are interested in an internship, please use the other dedicated link. Thank you !
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    01/07/2020 09:36:56
  • Spontaneous Internship applications

    Are you interested in an internship at LIH or IBBL? feel free to send us your application including a cv and a cover letter . Don't forget to mention the department and the period of time that is of interest to you. Thank you !
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    10/07/2020 13:50:13
  • Spontaneous Applications 2020

    No Job fitting your profile right now ?  this link is for you ! Feel free to send us your application!
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    08/01/2020 16:53:07