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Within the Luxembourg Institute of Health, qualified professionals with various expertises are working together striving for excellence. Physicians, biological scientists, engineers, laboratory technicians, research nurses, statisticians, bioinformatic specialists, datamanagers, accountants... are among the many professions represented in our research departments and support services units.

Their talent, their ability to collaborate and the complementarity of their skills are some of the key elements allowing us to create societal and economical value.

Are you ready to bring your talent at the service of biomedical research?

  • Research and Development legal Officer - PM1219

    The R&D Legal Officer supports the General Counsel in the area ofresearch & development to secure LIH’s intellectual property assets and leverage LIH’s knowledge transfer activities by :  1/ Providing proactive assistance to the LIH researchers in the preparation, negotiation and execution of all research and knowledge transfer-related contracts and grant agreements;  2/ Developing training courses favoring sustainable adoption of intellectual property management tools within the research institute.
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    04/12/2019 15:49:04
  • Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) - UN1119

    Under the responsibility of the CEO, the Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) provides the necessary leadership to ensure that LIH’s information technology applications, platforms and infrastructure are fully integrated to support its research and translational strategy. The CMIO will also lead the creation of an integrated big data platform that will allow Luxembourg’s research community and national/international stakeholders to access integrated clinical and research data, as well as health insurance and social security data. The successful candidate will make sure that information technology and the use of IA are as solid as to support and enable transformational system change, in close cooperation with other main key stakeholders, such as health related government bodies and hospitals.
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    02/12/2019 11:25:46
  • Biostatisticien(-ne) - MV1119

    “European Health Interview Survey” (EHIS) est une étude obligatoire pour les Pays membres de l’Union Européenne. C’est une étude observationnelle transversale en population générale (cross-sectional population-based survey). Les questions portent sur l’état de la santé, l’utilisation des services de soins de santé, les habitudes de vie (comportement de santé) et l’entourage social. L’objectif de l’étude est de décrire l’état et les comportements de santé de la population résidente et les besoins de soins et de prévention afférents. Le recrutement des participants et la collecte de données sont prévus de janvier à décembre 2019 avec un objectif de 3600 participants. L’année 2020 sera consacrée au nettoyage de la base de données, à l’analyse statistique et à la rédaction du rapport présentant les données collectées.
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    28/11/2019 14:10:22
  • Clinical Data Manager - MV1119

    The Clinical Data Manager will join the LIH’s Competence Center for Methodology and Statistics (CCMS). Within the clinical research hub of the Department of Population Health, the CCMS provides methodological support in statistical planning and analysis and data handling for various laboratories and research groups as well as offering training in statistics and support in writing papers. To support the team and the new translational research center we are looking for a Clinical Data Manager who will mainly be responsible for handling the data management, supervising the data entry and performing the programming of edit chekcs to control the data of various projects. He/she will also guarantee the regulation, the quality, the confidentiality and the security of the data.
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    12/11/2019 15:21:31
  • Senior Clinical Research Associate - ECRIN - MG1119

    The Senior Clinical Research Associate will join the LIH’s Clinical and Epidemiological Investigation Center. She/He will: 1. Coordinate clinical  research projects according to the protocol, budget and fixed timelines determined 2. Support private sponsors, researchers and other investigators in the set up and conduct of clinical research projects.3. Ensure compliance with the legal, administrative and regulatory requirements both in Luxembourg and Belgium.4. Provide specific expertise and know-how in clinical research; provide support to safety reporting and help reporting  adverse events 5. Be the contact point in Luxembourg/Belgium for ECRIN studies under the supervision of European Correspondant for Luxembourg 6.Monitor clinical trials and guarantee the quality of the scientific data collected during the study
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    13/11/2019 09:23:48
  • Facilities Technician - DO1009

    Le Technicien de maintenance  sera principalement en charge de : La gestion de la maintenance et contrôles techniques des différents bâtiments du Luxembourg Institute of Health;  La gestion des systèmes d’alarme des bâtiments  ainsi que des équipement présents dans les unités de recherche  via un système de contrôle de gestion centralisé; Divers encodages: Rapport d’activité (maintenance préventive et curative des équipements et installations techniques).
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    03/12/2019 08:38:08
  • IT Full Stack Developer - SW1019

    The IT Full Stack Developer assists the IT Manager in performing development needs according to technologies and programing languages selected in the IT strategy of the Luxembourg Institute of Health.He/she will take part in IT projects specification writing phases led by IT Business Analyst in addition to developing software, supporting users and contributing to documentation
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    22/10/2019 10:35:22
  • Receptionist - SN0919

    The Receptionist will mainly be responsible for: 1/Ensuring the proper functioning of the reception desk of the Luxembourg Institute of Health.; 2/ Carrying out various administrative and secretarial duties
    84, rue Val Fleuri, Luxembourg L-1526, Luxembourg
    07/11/2019 11:28:57
  • Master2 student in Epidemiology/Public Health - TB0919

    Within the Department of Population Health, Dr. Torsten Bohn, Head of a newly formed group around Food,Diet, Nutrition & Health (NUTRIHEALTH), aims, in collaboration with hisTeam, to explore the relation of dietary patterns, nutrient composition andchronic disease aspects with a focus on cardiometabolic health and associated innovativebiomarkers of disease and health such as oxidative stress, body composition,micornutrients and phytochemicals.. A close collaboration with the other departmentalteams around environmental pollution, physical activity, and e-health is envisioned.
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    26/11/2019 10:29:14
  • Internship in Public Health Research (Master2 student) - GA0919

    To be part of the “Chronic diseases,Ageing & Physical Functioning” research group (PI: Dr. G. Aguayo) withinthe Department of Population Health at the LIH.
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    22/11/2019 14:40:14
  • IT Project & Application Support Specialist - AA1119

    The IT Project & Application Support Specialist will maintain and support day-to-day business processes such as data exchange between applications, operation and maintenance of scripts and automated jobs, application administration, and provide customer service to end users with business applications.
    Rue Louis Rech 1, Entrée B, Dudelange L-3555, Luxembourg
    05/12/2019 17:19:07
  • Médecin Responsable du Centre de Recherche Clinique (H/F) - CHL

    Situé au carrefour de l'Europe, le Grand-Duché de Luxembourg offre un cadre de vie privilégié grâce à sa géographie, son multiculturalisme et le dynamisme de son économie qui lui confèrent un niveau de vie parmi les plus élevés du monde. Le Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg est un établissement public médico-chirurgical de référence avec 600 lits disposant de nombreux Centres Nationaux. Il a une mission de recherche et d’enseignement et gère actuellement plus de 100 études cliniques et assure 250 publications annuelles. Pour son Centre de Recherche Clinique (CRC) faisant partie d’un Centre de Recherche Clinique et Translationnelle (LCTR) exploité conjointement avec le Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH), le CHL est à lare cherche d'un médecin.
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    19/08/2019 12:28:38
  • Head of Clinical Research - LH0119

    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    18/09/2019 15:42:03
  • Spontaneous student jobs

    Are you interested in a student job at LIH or IBBL ? Feel free to apply here. Don't forget to mention in your cover letter the department and the period of time that is of interest to you. For people who are interested in an internship, please use the other dedicated link. Thank you !
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    28/10/2019 15:00:52
  • Spontaneous Internship applications

    Are you interested in an internship at LIH or IBBL? feel free to send us your application including a cv and a cover letter . Don't forget to mention the department and the period of time that is of interest to you. Thank you !
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
    29/10/2019 11:48:58
  • Spontaneous Applications - SA2019

    No Job fitting your profile right now ?  this link is for you ! Feel free to send us your application!
    1A-B, rue Thomas Edison, Strassen 1445, Luxembourg
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