Doctoral Training in Exposome and Health

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Scientific background

The rapid increase in the incidence of non-communicable diseases is linked closely to the strong societal transformations of the modern era. Elements such as urbanization, technological advancements, and climate change have a strong impact on humans, who are constantly and increasingly exposed to factors such as air/noise pollution, chemicals, processed food and sedentary lifestyle. This generates the urgent need for a deeper understanding of human exposure to develop countermeasures and effective interventions and inform public health policies addressing these emerging challenges. The Xpose doctoral program will train the next generation of exposome scientists and extend our understanding of the relationship between the exposome and the associated biological processes leading to diseases.

The Xpose brings together Luxembourg experts jointly collaborating on exposome research programmes consisting of 12 PhD projects organized into three specific research axes:

  1. Environmental factors
  2. Social and behavioural factors
  3. Biological processes

The main objective is to develop novel methodologies for a holistic analysis of the impact of environmental, chemical, nutritional, social, and lifestyle-related exposures on health. Taking advantage of new technological developments, such as digital health solutions, Big Data and AI, Xpose will put a particular focus on modifiable factors that can influence exposure and its effects on individuals’ health. The knowledge gained will translate into designing exposome-based prevention and treatment interventions, i.e. for policymakers, clinicians but also individuals, making human lives healthier and more resilient.


Scientific background

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our open positions

We offer 12 fully funded PhD positions with a fixed-term work contract of up to 4 years.

We are seeking excellent and highly motivated candidates holding a Master’s degree in a field related to the topics of the doctoral training program. Very good English language skills are required. The earliest start date will be October 2024.