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12/06/2023 12:00 to 13:00

Join us on Webex for the second of our 3 dedicated Precision Health conferences and hear from LIH Scientists who will present their research including:

Manon Gantenbein (Head of CIEC/CPMO): Unleashing Precision Health: Decoding disease paths and revolutionizing care by harnessing the power of clinical research.

Hermann Thien (Director TMOH, Head of IBBL): Biobanking: Unlocking the secrets of life via biospecimen collection, transformation, and preservation for groundbreaking medical discoveries

Tatiana Michel (Strategic Program Manager): What is Precision Oncology? Revealing transformations for patients and empowering cancer care with breakthroughs in Luxembourg’s research and healthcare arenas

Visit https://precisionhealth.lu/en/ to learn more about Precision Health and the PH Book.



Webex (details to follow after registration)


Manon Gatenbein

Hermann Thien

Tatiana Michel


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