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Make a donation

And support biomedical research!

A donation can help our scientists to create innovative approaches that will enhance prevention, early diagnostics and effective treatments.

Donations can be made in support to biomedical research in general or, if you wish, directed to a specific research area.

Your generosity is needed, every Euro counts!

How to support us:
  • Single or regular donations
    For your contribution, you will receive a donation receipt 

  • Donations for special occasions
    Make a memorial gift or collect donations instead of presents for a celebration

  • Launch your own fundraising campaign
    Fundraising through a Charity concert, sports race, Christmas market, school party .., 

  • Legacy, life-insurance or other donations
    Support biomedical research by including the Luxembourg Institute of Health in your will

  • Companies or Foundations
    Support a research programme, finance high-tech equipment, train tomorrow’s researchers... As a founder, you can choose the nature of your support as well as the health theme close to your heart.

For further information on tax deductions, please visit the following link: impotsdirects.public.lu 

For more information regarding the processing of your data, please read the notice (in English, in French).

 Your donation can be sent to:

Account name: Luxembourg Institute of Health 
IBAN: LU30 0019 1106 2926 0000 


Please address any questions you might have by e-mail to  or by phone to +352 26 970-1, we will get back to you with great pleasure.