legal office

The Legal Office supports LIH/IBBL’s researchers and staff in all legal matters regarding their scientific research endeavours. It also supports the administrative, operational and technical joint support functions, thus providing legal services and advice to all departments and units of the LIH. 


The Legal Office’s mission is to provide, manage and coordinate legal services to all departments and units of the LIH, including legal advice and representation, legal risk management and mainly contract drafting, negotiation and review. The LIH/IBBL as an institution is the Legal Office’s only client. 

As part of these support services, the Legal Office provides legal advice on governance aspects, with the General Counsel acting as Board Secretary.  


The LIH Legal Office provides tailored legal support to its researchers and staff thus creating an innovative research environment at the LIH. It provides legal advice to LIH’s administration and operational activities.  

It deals with legal implications of policy and other decisions under applicable law, regulations and policies, and advises the LIH in significant as well as day-to-day business transactions.  


Head of Legal Office