Business Development Office

The Business Development Office (BDO) supports LIH’s researchers in maximising the scientific, economic and societal applications of their research results, know-how and expertise, while nurturing the excellence of their research projects. 


As a translational and patient-centric institute, LIH’s priority is to ensure that its high-quality research, in addition to tangibly advancing healthcare, translates into marketable solutions that can easily be taken up by the market and be financially viable. Accelerating time to market for novel diagnostic applications and therapeutic tools will ensure both societal and financial returns on investments.  

With our core missions of business development, technology transfer, intellectual property and partnership activities within LIH, BDO lays the foundation for a sustainable entrepreneurial culture encouraging innovation within LIH, to act as a catalyst in the growth of biomedical RDI activities in Luxembourg.

Main Activities

  • Identify, protect, develop and manage the transfer of technologies from LIH’s research activities to the clinic or market; 
  • Provide proactive support to LIH’s researchers in preparing, negotiating, and executing all research and knowledge transfer-related situations or business opportunities.

Scientists from LIH are constantly developing innovative technologies to have a direct and meaningful impact on people’s health.

A non-exhaustive list of our technologies and innovative assets, which are available for partnerships and out-licensing can be found HERE.

For more information about our other technologies, please contact us at


BDO Manager

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