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Prof Simone Niclou elected to the EANO Executive Board

November 13, 2018   In Our News  

PhD Days 2018: Gathering the PhD community in life sciences

November 07, 2018   In Our News  

A biomarker panel to quantify lncRNAs linked to cardiac disease

November 05, 2018   In Our News  

Actin cytoskeleton remodelling protects tumour cells against immune attack

October 24, 2018   In Our News  

Japanese delegation from RIKEN-IMS visited Luxembourg’s biomedical research centres

October 15, 2018   In Our News  

Review on RNAi/CRISPR screening: All you need to know before starting a genetic screen

October 02, 2018   In Our News  

Tackling Alpha-Gal allergy: kick-off of FNR CORE project with Germany

September 28, 2018   In Our News  

Reflecting on 30 years of research and paradigm shifts around the major house dust mite allergen

September 27, 2018   In Our News  

LIH publishes its Annual Report 2017

September 19, 2018   In Our News  

ATTRACT fellow Dr Johannes Meiser: setting up a new research group to study cancer metabolism

September 11, 2018   In Our News  

LIH PhD candidate made 39 inspiring encounters at the 2018 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

August 13, 2018   In Our News  

Outstanding PhD findings: actin remodelling drives tumour cell immune evasion

August 10, 2018   In Our News  

Lecture series in biomedical research: stimulating closing lecture on entrepreneurship

July 18, 2018   In Our News  

CARES, a new research project on sexually transmitted diseases treatment in Africa

July 12, 2018   In Our News  

“Espoir en tête” donation for brain research from the Rotary Club Luxembourg

July 10, 2018   In Our News  

LIH’s science communication ingenuity applauded at the European Communication Summit

June 21, 2018   In Our News  

LIH researcher receives medal in Japan for excellent contributions to research on intestinal microbiology

June 18, 2018   In Our News  

How do the tiny friends and foes in our intestine communicate with us?

June 15, 2018   In Our News  

A new treatment against river blindness: LIH contributed to clinical trials for moxidectin

June 12, 2018   In Our News  

Highlight of LIH’s Biomedical Research Lecture Series: Personalised medicine with patient involvement

May 02, 2018   In Our News