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🇬🇧 Principles of Organized Population-Based Cancer Screening

07/12/2023 11:00 Ă  13:30


Dr Andre

Deputy Head, Early Detection, Prevention & Infections Branch at International Agency for Research on Cancer / World Health Organization


The lecture, « Principles of Organized Population-Based Cancer Screening, » presented by Dr. Andre Carvalho, will offer insights into the best practices for establishing and overseeing cancer screening programs. Emphasizing the significance of early detection in enhancing patient results and lowering death rates, it covers the selection of appropriate populations and tests, and efficient follow-up systems. Dr. Carvalho will discuss screening methods for prevalent cancers like breast and colorectal, highlighting the need for evidence-backed guidelines and the balance between early detection benefits and over-diagnosis risks. The session will also touch on the organizational and operational facets of such programs, the importance of interdisciplinary teamwork, and the use of real-world cases to showcase the impact of organized screening.

Concluding with a look at future challenges and innovations in this field, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of organized cancer screening’s pivotal role in public health.


Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention (EPI CAN) Group
Department of Precision Health (DoPH)
Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH)

Responsible Scientist

Epidemiology & Prevention


Please note that in-person attendance is subject to limited availability and requires prior registration.
To secure your spot, kindly send an email to epican@lih.lu.


1 A-B Rue Thomas Edison, 1445 Luxembourg
Salle Marie S. Curie & Salle Louis Pasteur

Webinar via Webex:

Event number: 2790 453 4053
Event password: QWrTsfPc677


11 – 12 pm


Light lunch provided
12 – 13.30 pm

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