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What are the entrance fees? 
The Science Quest is a unique and 100% free adventure ! Don’t miss it!

Is there a minimum age to participate to the Science Quest?
The Science Quest is suitable for kids from 10 years-old (under the supervision of an adult) and adults.

Is a basic knowledge in science required to participate? 
No! If you have some, that’s great! But that is not required to participate! Our aim is actually to make you discover the thrilling world of Research… in a fun way!

Can everyone participate in Science Quest?
This adventure is suitable for any physical condition.
However we advise people suffering from epilepsy or subject to motion sickness against participating to last challenge (virtual reality).

Can I add or unsubscribe a team member after having submitted the registration? 
You can add members in your team at anytime (max 8 people by team).
On the other hand, should you wish to unsubscribe one or several people and your team counts less that 4 team members, please kindly inform us by email sciencequest@lih.lu. We reserve the right to complement your team in order to meet minimum number of members per team.

What should I wear? 
We recommend you to wear comfortable clothes (sportswear) and sport shoes. This is an indoor adventure; we recommend you to wear a T-shirt and if needed a light vest during the challenge. You won’t be able to access changing room or shower, so please make sure you wear sport outfit already when you arrive.

In which language will the Science Quest take place?
All explanatory materials and videos will be available in 3 languages ​​(English, French, German). For organisational reasons, please kindly specify your team’s usual language when registering your team.

Will there be a secured place I could leave my personal belongings during the quest? 
You will be able to leave your personal belongings in Tramsschapp’s supervised and free cloakroom.

How can I access Tramsschapp? 
See access map.
A fee-parking is available at Tramsschapp. Nearest free parking is Hall Victor Hugo’s (5’ walking distance).
Bus stop: Limpersberg, Alen, Tramsschapp (Lines 2, 4 et CN2)

Shall the team meet on site before staring time? 
YES! To ensure a smooth running of the experience, we kindly ask ALL TEAM MEMBERS to meet on site minumum 20 MIN PRIOR STARTING TIME? This will enable moderators to introduce themselves to the team members and to give them instructions and tips about the adventure in order to be ready on time. Should you wish to get ahead, playing rules are available here.
Teams will succeed to another following an established planning therefore we will not accept any delay. A team arriving after starting time will not be able to participate. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Will there be any catering service on site? 
No catering service is planned on site. However, each team will receive a voucher for a snack after the experience.

Will pictures or videos be taken during the event ? 
Yes, pictures and videos will be taken prior, during and after the event (promotional purposes).
By participating in the Science Quest, you agree that these pictures and videos will appear on our website and our partners’ (Ministry of Health, FNR), on social medias and in the local press.
A picture of each team will be taken after the adventure; you will find it on our Facebook page and on sciencequest.lih.lu

Still have questions ? Contact us by email sciencequest@lih.lu or by phone +352 26 970 891.

See you soon!

The LIH Science Quest Team