Prof Daniel Theisen


Prof Daniel Theisen is the Head and founder of the Sports Medicine Research Laboratory. 

He has expertise in physiology and biomechanics of healthy and disabled/injured individuals, as well as in sports injury epidemiology in the context of rehabilitation/sport sciences, sports medicine and population health.

He supervised 4 post-doctoral researchers, 5 PhD students and over 50 master students and has over 20 years of university teaching experience in rehabilitation and sport science. His is the author of over 60 publications as papers in scientific journals with peer-review or book chapters and over 60 communications in international conferences and congresses. 

He acts as regular reviewer of scientific journals in exercise physiology, biomechanics and sports medicine and as invited university lecturer at UCL, KUL (Belgium) and Universidad Finis Terrae (Chile).

Research projects

  • Prevention of sports injuries, in particular running-related injuries
  • Knee laxity measurements and rehabilitation optimization after anterior cruciate ligament injuries
  • Prevention of sudden cardiac death in sports
  • Incidence and prevention of injuries in Luxembourg army recruits
  • Training and Injury Prevention Platform for Sports ( 
Daniel Theisen

MS - PhD
Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium (chargé de cours invité)

76, rue d’Eich
L-1460 Luxembourg
Tel. : +352 26 970 824