The PPM-3 is an MESR funded, translational research programme running from 2014 to 2017. It is an extension of the lung cancer programmes (PPM-1 and -2), which were part of the Luxembourg Life Science Initiative on personalized medicine.


Our vision for this initiative was that molecular (proteomic and genomic) signatures of cancer may be used to direct optimal and effective therapy selection, thereby enabling personalized treatment for individual patients. After the completion of a pilot study in non-small-cell lung cancer, PPM-3 aims at implementing molecular diagnostics platforms with innovative biomarkers to make a direct impact on clinical practices in Luxembourg.

The programme is divided into three categories: discovery, translation, and validation performed by multi-disciplinary team and international collaborations. Specific subjects in each category are shown in the diagram. The PPM-3 now includes malignant brain tumour in the discovery phase, and will expand to other types of cancer.

Head of research project

Dr. Yeoun Jin Kim is leading a biomarker program: the Partnership for Personalized Medicine (PPM) in the Department of Oncology.

Previously, she has been working in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries in the US, in companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb (Princeton, NJ) (2008-2010) and Celera (Rockville, MD) (2003-2007) where she applied proteomics-based technologies to drug development. Her current interest is the translational research focusing on the biomarker discovery and development in oncology which leads to the companion diagnostics.

Featured Publications

Hemidesmosome integrity protects the colon against colitis and colorectal cancer.

  • Clinical Proteomics
October 01, 2017
2017 Oct. Gut.66(10):1748-1760. Epub 2016 Jul 1.
  • De Arcangelis A
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  • Lepage P
  • Laquerriere P
  • Dembele D
  • Delanoye-Crespin A
  • Rodius S
  • Robine S
  • Kedinger M
  • Van Seuningen I
  • Simon-Assmann P
  • Chamaillard M
  • Labouesse M
  • Georges-Labouesse E.

Cell-free DNA and next-generation sequencing in the service of personalized medicine for lung cancer.

  • Clinical Proteomics
October 25, 2016
2016 Oct. Oncotarget.7(43):71013-71035.
  • Bennett CW
  • Berchem G
  • Kim YJ
  • El-Khoury V.
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