Confocal Microscopy Imaging Facility

The confocal microscopy platform of LIH is dedicated to cell imaging and offers support to researchers at all levels, from specimen preparation through microscope operation and image analysis.


The platform is based on an epi-fluorescence microscope equipped with a confocal system LSM510 META from Zeiss and a TIRF module for evanescent wave microscopy. The automated system for live cell imaging (Cell-IQ®, CM technologies) allows long term imaging over several days. The analysis station is equipped with specific software licenses such as Huygens (Svi, for image deconvolution), Imaris (Bitplane for 3D analysis and reconstruction) and Metamorph (Molecular Devices).

Services Provided

  • Technical support for microscopes handling and cell imaging in 2D and 3D (confocal, TIRF, epi-fluorescence and brightfield microscopy).
  • Immuno-fluorescence imaging and advanced fluorescence technics (FRAP, FRET, photo-activation, spectral unmixing, ratiometric dye measurement).
  • Live cell imaging by confocal microscopy (Temperature and CO2 control) or by standard fluorescence with the Cell-IQ® system (long term imaging).
  • Training and assistance using image treatment software for image handling, data quantification, cell tracking, image deconvolution and 3D reconstruction.
  • Training in confocal microscopy and equipment operation for students and new users.

Head of Support Service Unit

Dr Hoffmann Céline has been in charge of the confocal microscopy platform since 2005 within the department of Oncology. Her research is focused on cytoskeleton dynamics and remodelling in cancer cells, with a special emphasis on cell migration/invasion processes.


Céline Hoffmann


84, rue Val Fleuri
L-1526 Luxembourg
Tel. : +352 26970-253